Does Roller Lash from Benefit Live Up to its Solid Marketing?

I was given a free sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

I recently got a free sample of Benefit's Roller Lash mascara in the mail, and was pretty excited from the moment I opened it. They sent along two small free samples (for friends) and one big tube of mascara (for me), plus a photo frame that I will not be using. The packaging was pretty trendy, mixing light green and pink with a cute puppy getting its hair done. Overall, the entire package set me up to believe this was going to be a successful free sampling.

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Travel Refreshes Your Perspective

As I sit here, staring out at the setting sun across the San Fransisco skyline, my inspiration is renewed. There's something about being entrenched in the hustle of a place like San Fransisco. And while I've only been here for about eight hours, and seen little more than the view from my hotel window, the local ABC station and a very fancy French restaurant, I like it here. I wish I could have taken a picture of my meal tonight, as it was perfect in every way that you could hope for, however, I wasn't in a setting which Instagramming your food seemed appropriate.

Maybe it's the fact I've been awake now since 3AM, and according to my internal clock, we're quickly approaching midnight and I'm delusional. Maybe it's the Mumford and Son's I'm currently humming along to, but there's nothing I would quite change about this scenario. The shower had a fancy head, huge fluffy white towels greeted me upon my exit, and I have my choice between two equally soft white beds. But this is feeling like a dream.

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Throwback Thursday: That Time Cazey and Sara Went on a Valentine's Day Date

February 14: Single's Awareness Day, also known as Valentine's Day for those in a relationship. Most of those people who are single feel themselves falling into the 'Single's Awareness Day,' but not me. No -- I encouraged/forced my blog's baby daddy to take me on a date. A real, legit date.

Why? Because I deserve it, and we both deserve a day dedicated to our best friendship.

I encouraged Cazey to take the stereotypical male role and asked him to make us a reservation in advance (forethought proves he cares), pick me up at my doorstep with flowers in hand and pay for my meal. He complied with almost half, which sounds about average for what I may expect from a normal male date, so I'll take it.

Cazey attempted to make reservations at the location we selected together (after Cazey took the lead and made some suggestions), but they didn't take reservations, so we planned to leave early so we could get right in. A plan, several weeks in advance - quite a commitment.

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Brunch Review: Godfreys Drag Brunch

This is going to be a tough brunch review to write, because when you go to Godfreys' for brunch, you almost forget that you're there for a meal. Sure, they serve food (and sometimes serve it directly to you, as you can see on the right), and you 100% have to buy food, but it was just food. So instead of writing a review where I document exactly what I ate and show how delicious it was through close-up Instagram-worthy images of my meal, this review is going to be a little bit different. Here's what you need to know about Drag Queen brunch at Godfreys.

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Brunch Review: Helen's

I've been to Helen's three times in my life: New Year's Eve 2014, New Year's Eve 2015 and the weekend after New Year's Eve. The two New Year's Eves were totally alright, but the brunch was really alright. Pretty awesome, in fact. But it didn't start out that way.

We rolled with a total of 7 of us, which I get is a number. I walked in first to see if they could accommodate, and the lady replies with, "We don't usual take that big of a party," to which I replied, "You can totally split us up and that's fine." And not in a way that indicated it wouldn't actually be fine, because it would have been 100% fine. They also were not crowded.

She goes to check with the chef to see if they are allowed to seat 7 whole people at one table. I turn around and give my crew the half-shrug indicating we may or may not make the cut.

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Brunch Review: Lunch

Who's on first?...Yes...I mean the fellow on first?...Who.

That is my first impression of Lunch. I told people we were going to Lunch, and then we went in circles until everyone finally figured out that we were in fact going to brunch at a place named Lunch.

Confusion -- and a major hangover -- aside, the trip to Lunch for brunch was excellent. First off, who knew such a quaint and delicious haven was so close to my house? I didn't. We got there at the perfect time, with one table left right in the center of the restaurant for us.

The restaurant itself was tiny, but perfect. There was a big pig made of license plates above us, with a little bar to the left and just a few tables circling us. What a great, central location for someone who thought their head was exploding. Anyways, the waitress was great and kept my adorable mason jar of water full at (almost) all times.

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Brunch Review: Duck Donuts

Apparently Duck Donuts are a big deal in another state, so they built it into a chain. One of these new shops is right here in Willow Lawn of Richmond, Virginia. Naturally, we had to go while I was still eating unhealthy things a few weeks ago.

When you walk into the store, the sweet, sweet scent of donut hits you automatically. It's like a giant, aromatic hug of donut. And they have free samples. However, the menu is confusing, with you being able to make your own donut, but then there's also specials. The specials are labeled like, "Monday's Special: Reeses Cup," so you'd think you can only get it on Monday, but you can actually get it any day you'd like.

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Brunch Review: Banditos

Brunch at Banditos = Better than Expected

Real talk: When I first think of Banditos, I think of a smoking bar with ridiculously cheap drinks and dollar tacos during happy hours. And a lot of company I would not usually keep.

But brunch at Banditos is super legit! They have a bunch of TV's for the sports lovers. Banditos has a big enough space to bring a crowd of friends. They have cheap drinks. And it's one of the only places I know of that serve chips and salsa as a brunch appetizer.

On the downside, if you do happen to take a large crowd, it does really cramp service time. However, if you're rolling that deep, that's probably an expected outcome anywhere. And the chips did help to fill the void.

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