The Top 3 Revelations of the Week

A few years ago, a professor said that everyday you should write down three good things that happened to you. Of course I tried it and only completed two days worth before I forgot about it. So now I've set my sights a little lower, and came up with three pretty cool things that happened to me this week that I didn't even know could happen. 1. Cyber coffee: It's no secret I am a disaster until I get a cup of coffee in the morning, so naturally when I got an email saying that someone sent me $10 to Starbucks, it was the highlight of my morning. Then my day got even better when my ex-professor tweeted me a free cup of coffee. Who even knew you could do that? I didn't until now, but what I do know is that combines my two favorite things: social media and caffeine.

2. I have loved Fall Out Boy since the beginning of time, but have never gotten to see them live until this week! I am always nervous to see bands live in case they suck and then I won't like them anymore, but I wasn't too concerned about that happening in this case, as all my friends said they were good live, but they totally exceeded my expectation. There's something about being surrounded by a huge mass of humanity that all adore the same thing as you that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The feeling I got from seeing the band I loved most in high school is something I can't even explain, or even thought I would feel as strongly about. There's nothing in the world that feels as good as music.


3. I discovered Pinterest analytics, which I didn't know existed until this week, and was able to prove its worth to some new guy that flat out told me social media held no value. By being able to demonstrate the high click through rate to the website not only made me feel like I am actually useful, but also silenced the smug new guy. Boom.

What would you add to your list of 3?