Brunch Review: On the Rox

on the rox

This week's brunch review features a very special lady and her opinions: my mother. When my family came to visit me in Richmond, I brought them to On the Rox.

On the Rox is one of the least busy places you can probably go to for brunch in Richmond, and I never really understand why. Sure, their service is not the fastest, and sure, if you actually show up at 10am (like they advertise they are open at), you'll make it there before their wait staff, but their food is absolutely wonderful.

And they give you an entire bottle of champagne in the mimosa pitcher. AND they have those fancy windows that they swing all the way open on nice days. But most importantly, they have a great brunch menu!

“Very different meals than expected,” as my mom put it.

My first time at On the Rox, I ordered the brisket melt, and it was really good. But then the next time I ordered the brisket bites and OH MY GOSH I THINK THAT'S WHAT HEAVEN IS MADE OF. Sure, that sounds like I am exaggerating, but they were delicious. The meat was flavorful and cooked perfectly, and then fried in tasty batter and drizzled with slightly spicy dressing. Also, portion size was huge, so everyone at the table got to try some, which made me feel like a good sharer.

When I went back with my family, I definitely ordered the same thing and regretted it 0%. The only weird part was that they were distinctly different both times. Once they came out looking like sushi pieces and the next time they came out looking like wedges. Either way, they were tasty and you should go order yourself a few platefuls. However, mom did have a solid point that they fall way more on the spectrum of “lunch,” than “breakfast,” but then again, the medley of both is what brunch is all about.

My mom ordered the nutella french toast (which I’ll add to say that she is a chronic french toast orderer).

"I liked it, but I liked William's more, which was eggs with chorizo sausage and a good sauce,” reports mom.

I’d say the table was satisfied and it made me look like a good brunch decision-maker.

Takeaways: Order the brisket bites, duh. Or, order the loaded breakfast fries and tell me what they're like, because I am super curious, but nervous that my waistline can't handle it. And don't come if you're in an extreme hurry, and definitely don't get there right at opening.