Brunch Review: Millie's Diner

Next up on the brunch chopping block: Millie's Diner

Millie's Brunch Review

Millie's Diner is touted as a landmark eatery in Richmond, Virginia. I have heard it from them, from other people and from the incredible wait we had to sit through just to eat there. And you know what, it just wasn't worth it. Like at all.

We got there somewhat early on a Saturday or Sunday morning awhile back, and were planning on going to Belle Isle after it. We knew we'd have to wait, but an hour, forty five minutes is really pushing it, especially since they don't have a place for all of us waiters to wait comfortably. We got an expensive drink and were in it for the long haul though. Then once we FINALLY made it in, it took almost another hour just for some damn eggs.

My complaints about Millie's is mainly that it's good, but notthat good. I got the Devil's Mess, and it tasted really good! But when you couple it with how pretentious a place it is, it's really not worth it. For example, when we walked in to get put on the list, we asked roughly how long we'd have to wait, the old man goes, "This is Millie's."

That's all you've got for me? Your entire explanation is simply your name? I'm not impressed. Then, once you get to finally sit down, you don't get a menu. You can try to read off some big chalk board over the window. And since I don't always have my glasses, I really need to stand up and hover over someone's table just so I can see what I may order. Oh right, and what they make, they won't let you change. No substitutions on anything.

The place is tiny and cramped, and the waitresses are over loaded with people, so you get treated more like you're ordering from a McDonald's than a sit-down restaurant. At no point did I feel like they took care of me. We couldn't easily get water refills, checks or any follow up once our food was served to us.

And to top it off, the bathroom situation sucks. It's down some steps in a creepy basement. And there's no sink in the bathroom. Hey, sanitation, you take a back seat.

Sure, I'm glad I experienced a landmark of Richmond, but it's sort of like getting your wisdom teeth pulled. You have to do it, but nothing that you really want to do ever again.