Brunch Review: Duck Donuts

Apparently Duck Donuts are a big deal in another state, so they built it into a chain. One of these new shops is right here in Willow Lawn of Richmond, Virginia. Naturally, we had to go while I was still eating unhealthy things a few weeks ago.

When you walk into the store, the sweet, sweet scent of donut hits you automatically. It's like a giant, aromatic hug of donut. And they have free samples. However, the menu is confusing, with you being able to make your own donut, but then there's also specials. The specials are labeled like, "Monday's Special: Reeses Cup," so you'd think you can only get it on Monday, but you can actually get it any day you'd like.

Duck Donuts in Richmond, Virginia

So, after minutes of standing there dumbly, I decide to go for the Almond Joy donut, a Reeses donut and a regular coffee. The trickery here, though, is they asked me what flavor I wanted, and then up-charged me for a single pump of hazelnut. I go and put my coffee on the table, it wobbles really badly, and sloshes everywhere. Good start to the day.

As I'm running to go clean it up, they're calling me for the donuts. Then they call me again, like I'm not trying to get there while also saving the coffee dripping everywhere. Once I get the donuts though, they're worth it. They're warm with melting chocolate on top. Really cake-like, obviously fresh and sweet enough to make you want to vomit everywhere. But in a happy-vomit sort of way.

About halfway through the second donut though, it became really hard to finish. It's so much sugar, but you just know it's not going to be nearly as delicious any other time because it won't be warm and fresh. So I choke it down, and wash it down with some coffee. My takeaways from Duck Donuts are:

  • It's definitely an experience you'll want to try, but...
  • I'm confused as to if that have donuts other than just the plain ones that have icing on them.
  • It's expensive considering what it is.
  • Holy diabetes.
  • The concept of building your own donut is way cooler than it is in practical application.
  • I have zero faith it would be as mesmerizing if you didn't eat them immediately.

Duck Donuts: definitely worth indulging every once in awhile.