Brunch Review: Lunch

Who's on first?...Yes...I mean the fellow on first?...Who.

That is my first impression of Lunch. I told people we were going to Lunch, and then we went in circles until everyone finally figured out that we were in fact going to brunch at a place named Lunch.

Confusion -- and a major hangover -- aside, the trip to Lunch for brunch was excellent. First off, who knew such a quaint and delicious haven was so close to my house? I didn't. We got there at the perfect time, with one table left right in the center of the restaurant for us.

The restaurant itself was tiny, but perfect. There was a big pig made of license plates above us, with a little bar to the left and just a few tables circling us. What a great, central location for someone who thought their head was exploding. Anyways, the waitress was great and kept my adorable mason jar of water full at (almost) all times.

10k from Lunch Richmond

The menu was either breakfast or lunch (not quite brunch), so I got the 10k (check it out over on the left <<), which was a chicken sandwich with pesto and peppers. I subbed hash browns for the chips, because who wouldn't rather have hash browns?

Everything about this meal was perfect. The hash browns were salty, but just tastefully so, with a bit of crunch and a bit of soft. I am salivating again thinking about them. I added some ketchup as icing on the cake.

The sandwich was filling, but not in the porky sort of hearty that I obsess over at other brunch locations. I only ate half at the actual meal, but very soon after coming home I downed the second half. There is nothing I would change about this sandwich. It was fresh, it was filling, it was flavorful, it was delicious.

From around the rest of the table, meet the (excessively large) customizable breakfast sandwich -- this one is probably the world's largest biscuit with egg and sausage, The Lion's Den -- more meat than any sandwich needs, and the Train Wreck -- which is a biscuit with every breakfast food possible smothered in gravy.

breakfast sandwich | Lunch
Lion's Den | Lunch
Train Wreck | Lunch

How did everything else taste? Well, it was silent for the entire meal except for the sounds of scraping forks and comments such as, "I'm dying, this is so good," "you have no idea how good this biscuit is," and "we're coming back."

Yes, we will definitely be back, and to Lunches sisterly neighbor, Supper soon.