Brunch Review: Godfreys Drag Brunch

Cazey being fed by a drag queen

This is going to be a tough brunch review to write, because when you go to Godfreys' for brunch, you almost forget that you're there for a meal. Sure, they serve food (and sometimes serve it directly to you, as you can see on the right), and you 100% have to buy food, but it was just food. So instead of writing a review where I document exactly what I ate and show how delicious it was through close-up Instagram-worthy images of my meal, this review is going to be a little bit different. Here's what you need to know about Drag Queen brunch at Godfreys.

Get a Reservation

The first thing to know about Godfreys' brunch is: you need a reservation. And not in a way where it'd be suggested or ideal to have a reservation, but absolutely imperative that you get one. I'm pretty sure there are only 5 seats open at the bar for the losers who don't make a reservation.

The lesson I learned in making a reservation, though, is that everyone sucks and no one honors a commitment, so you'll end up scrambling day-of looking for replacements. So don't be that person planning, or else it sucks, and don't be the person who bails, because then you suck.

Dollar Bills are a Must: Make it Rain

drag queen at godfreys

The second thing you need to know about Godfreys' brunch is: bring singles and bring cash. They don't split checks, and Godfreys' is best in a large group, so cash is essential. Also, if you want some drag lovin', the singles are a must. And trust me -- you want some attention. It's better that way. They also deserve it with how freakin' fabulous they look (exhibit A on the right).

Expect Nothing.

Without giving away the gold, I'm going to warn/encourage you: it's more than you were expecting. Unless, that is, you naturally expect total entertainment for two hours. Because I didn't expect it. I just sort of thought drag queens would bring you some food, and that is definitely not what happened. It was so. much. more.

Order a drank. Or two. Or three.

Like I said at the beginning, there is food here and you have to order it. However, there are drinks here and you have to order them, but not because that's their rule, but because it's my rule. I got a coffee drink and I'm pretty sure it was just warmed up liquor. However, I say that sentiment with love, because it was delicious. Also, when you're in a situation where your expectations are set at "none," you need a bit of alcohol to get ready for the show.

Know what you want before you show up. Or don't care.

So my caveat: food and service is not what you come here for. As soon as you get seated, they come around to take orders. If you're the first table (which we were), they're at your table within one minute. We looked dumb as we tried to stumble through orders, and felt like we slowed down the entire process. So take a few minutes, look at their menu now and know what you want before you get there. Or just don't care, because, like I said, the food is just food here. It's edible, but nothing grand.

Back to the topic of drinks, they do come around while the show is going on, but they're not circulating like normal waiters. So if you see them coming and need something, be slightly more aggressive than you normally would, such as rather than hoping you eyeing them from across the room is enough of a signal, wave your hand or hold up a glass. Something obvious but courteous.

Godfreys' brunch is an experience that I strongly believe everyone in Richmond (and surrounding cities and states) should add to their bucket list. I've literally never been to anything remotely similar, and it's worth the effort. Get on the phone, get a reservation, and get going to Godfrey's