Throwback Thursday: That Time Cazey and Sara Went on a Valentine's Day Date

February 14: Single's Awareness Day, also known as Valentine's Day for those in a relationship. Most of those people who are single feel themselves falling into the 'Single's Awareness Day,' but not me. No -- I encouraged/forced my blog's baby daddy to take me on a date. A real, legit date.

Why? Because I deserve it, and we both deserve a day dedicated to our best friendship.

I encouraged Cazey to take the stereotypical male role and asked him to make us a reservation in advance (forethought proves he cares), pick me up at my doorstep with flowers in hand and pay for my meal. He complied with almost half, which sounds about average for what I may expect from a normal male date, so I'll take it.

Cazey attempted to make reservations at the location we selected together (after Cazey took the lead and made some suggestions), but they didn't take reservations, so we planned to leave early so we could get right in. A plan, several weeks in advance - quite a commitment.

We didn't get there early enough, however, and the line was out the door. So we walked to a mid-level nice restaurant down the street. We got a table because it was early, but promptly left when we realized they only had an expensive menu for the evening ($75? Gag). Third time's a charm though, and we got into another restaurant, no problem. They even had their normal menu so we wouldn't break the bank.

The date was really nice. We split a bottle of Blue Bee cider, shared a cheese and bread plate and then split a salmon dish. The food was excellent and exactly what I would have wanted out of a Valentine's Day meal, except we went dutch on the bill since Cazey didn't want to entirely assume the male stereotype. I can hope for next time, right?

(No, she can't, says Cazey.)

Also, don't order Blue Bee cider unless you like your drinks dry. Which Sara does. Cazey does not. He had to stop Sara from ordering the extra dry cider or the one that tasted "like beer" (because some of us drink cider because we don't like beer, e.g. Cazey).

Now that I've been on a very stereotypical Valentine's Day date, I can officially say that Valentine's Day is nice. It gave Cazey and I a reason to try a new restaurant and actually commit to doing something weeks in advance (rather than Cazey just letting himself into our house). However, that meal would have tasted just as good any other day of the year and would have been less stressful.

However, it did clarify one thing: For those people who claim that because Cazey and I are best friends, we are eventually going to end up together, I think we all just proved that isn't going to happen. We went out on the most romantic day of the year together (says Hallmark) and came home happily and separately. Take that, Cupid.