Brunch Review: Urban Farmhouse

If there is one brunch review that's been a long time coming, it's the review for Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe. Why, you might ask? Because that iconic (can I say anything about our own blog is iconic? Probably not, but anyways) image in the header of our entire blog is from Urban Farmhouse (see below -- well and above).

We should probably begin this review with the reason we selected Urban Farmhouse for our blog launch (and subsequent blog image). Cazey frequents Urban Farmhouse often due to its proximity to other locations he goes, so he suggested it because it's well-lit and there are couches and outlets, which makes it a good place to post up for a while and work. The trip for our blog re-launch was my first time, and I was definitely impressed. It really was a wonderful place to hang out for a while, as they had a free water stand with lemon (love that I don't have to ask anyone for refills) and there were a ton of windows, making it a really picturesque area to sit. The space itself was comfortable, airy and ideal for sipping on some tea and working.

as told over brunch

To the left is a picture of Cazey's meal, which was bagel and lox. The colors make the imagery really strong, hence using it as a header picture for our entire re-brand. This wasn't his first rodeo with the bagel and lox from Urban Farmhouse, as that is the only thing he will order off the menu because it is THAT good. I also love the fact that I somewhat encouraged Cazey's love for bagel and lox a while ago, too, and am envious that he eats it regularly. I was also a little jealous that he got oranges with his meal, and I got carrots covered in a vinegar sauce. That's as good a segue as we're going to get into what I ate.

Q Bleu Chicken sandwich

Q Bleu Chicken

I ordered the Q Bleu Chicken sandwich and an iced chai latte. As you can see in the picture to the left, the presentation is super aesthetic, which perfectly matches every experience I have at Urban Farmhouse. The sandwich itself was good, but not nearly as excellent as the other item I got the next time I went (description is coming soon). The iced chai latte was interesting, but I definitely prefer the hot chai latte. I'm glad I tried it, though.

The second time I went back to Urban Farmhouse, I ordered the Tarragon Tuna Salad sandwich with water. I left that time very pleased with my choice. I was nervous about the sandwich, because it was tarragon-based (duh, hence the name), and I can't ever decide if I like tarragon. However, I took the risk, because leaving your comfort zone is a good thing from time to time. The risk definitely paid off as this sandwich is a home-run for your tastebuds. The flavor is pretty strong, and made an every day tuna salad sandwich something worth blogging about. I am planning a return trip if for nothing else than for this sandwich.

My favorite part of Urban Farmhouse is you feel light and happy leaving because you didn't overeat. They also sometimes have live music, like they did the second time I went. My general recommendation would be to bring a book, computer or friend and go to Urban Farmhouse for the atmosphere, and you'll find yourself quite pleased with your weekend choices.