Brunch Review: Gus'

Gyro Benedict at Gus'

My favorite buffalo chicken sandwich in Richmond comes from Gus'. And they have cheap beer, a ton of TV's and is half a block away from our house, so it was the most idyllic place to go to watch the World Cup final, or to just grab a quick, reasonably priced meal on a weeknight.

Gus', however, is not the place for brunch.

We were planning on going to Heritage, which I must say is still top of my list, but it was hailing, so we cut our losses and ran to Gus'. I was hungry before we left, so the fact that we waited way over an hour for our food really, really wasn't cutting it. However, I want to be perfectly transparent here: it was mildly crowded and there was one waitress literally taking care of every single table in the restaurant. It was far from her fault that it took so long, but it was also confusing because most people were there for the game and only ordering beer. So not to point fingers, but if I did, it would be at the kitchen.

Their menu is pretty legit for brunch, and there were several items I was interested in trying. I went with the Gyro Benedict, because it's like two of my favorite foods had a baby and this plate was it. I was stoked for it. I just wish it came out faster. Once it landed on the table, three bites were gone before I could even take a picture of it, hence why it's half eaten in the picture I did take. Apparently, it's really blurry too because I was so ready to keep eating I couldn't keep my camera focused.

On first bite, I was a little thrown off, as I thought the hollandaise sauce sort of competed with the Greek flavors of the peppers and feta. However, you kind of get used to the flavor combination and it begins to sort of compliment each other on later bites. I wish there was a bit more feta cheese on them, but they could have probably given me a pound of cheese and I would have happily accepted more.

The hash browns that my meal came with honestly tasted like they came out of a can. However, with the addition of some salt, pepper and ketchup, they became perfectly edible. I am wondering if they would substitute for fries, as I really like their fries usually. Maybe next time I'll ask and see what happens.

One of the biggest assets of brunch at Gus' is their mixed menu. I really value brunch menus that feature both lunch and breakfast food, as I really think that is a defining characteristic of brunch. However, knowing that everyone in Richmond loves to brunch, I would hope Gus' eventually doubles their staff during Sunday days. If that happens, I'd be more than happy to brunch here again.