Brunch Review: Pepper Pot

My love for brunch is universally known across all my friends and family. So much so that my parents knew they needed to bring me to brunch when I was at home in Connecticut. The only problem there is that some places are better at brunching than others are, and Connecticut falls into the latter category. However, my parents discovered a great brunch location, and decided to take me there. Yes, this is a travel-inspired brunch blog post, because all my current traveling is making me more opening minded about promoting places outside of Richmond. Here's to you, new perspective.

The last two times I was at home, my parents brought me to Pepper Pot, a quaint brunch eatery in Southington, Connecticut. If you had to imagine a place where old Connecticutians dine, this would be your place.

They were fast to refill you coffee, but stingy on giving away biscuits (now that I'm from the south I really like biscuits). The first time I was at the Pepper Pot, I got a special, which was a corned beef frittata. I had no idea what a frittata was, but it had corned beef and a tangy aioli, so I was sold.

For those wondering, a frittata is basically an open omelet. Or maybe like a quiche, but less fluffy. And for those of you who already know, you've been awarded your brunchers badge.

The second time I went, I got the pepper pot scramble, which reminded me of the mess at Millie's, but without the oversell of Millie's. I was a much bigger fan of the corned beef frittata, but they don't call if a special for nothing, right? I thought the flavor in the frittata was exceptional, which I attribute to the aioli, and corned beef is one of my favorite brunch options.

Overall, for what the Pepper Pot is, it's perfect. I had a wonderful brunch with my parents and enjoyed my food. Their menu has lots of good egg options, and their portion size is happily out of control. I left full and satisfied. However, it's not a Sunday Funday location, nor is their menu incredibly unique, as the pepper pot scramble is the only unusual choice.