Brunch Review: STAXrva

When we first heard about STAXrva this past week via a Richmond Times-Dispatch article, we had to get on the boat (or is it a bike since it's breakfast being delivered?). Breakfast delivered to your doorstep, is there anything more inspiring? The times we live in!

You don’t even have to be hungover to fully enjoy. You just have to have a hankering for breakfast and not want to put on your parka. Winter is coming; Ned Stark told us so. (Sorry, just finished marathoning Game of Thrones….)

STAXrva is brought to you this fall by the great minds who also brought you Red Eye Cookie Co. Red Eye is known for nighttime delivery of warm, baked cookies and other treats you lie about at your Weight Watchers meetings. In a similar model, STAXrva will deliver breakfast sandwiches to your front door. I need to take a seat, I’m so excited.

ATOB immediately reached out to STAXrva and asked if we could review their menu. So this morning Sara and I had two sandwiches delivered to our apartment.

First off, online ordering is easy. You can even pre-order for the type A’s like myself. That is, it’s easy until you have to decide what you’re ordering. Currently they offer five sandwiches, each for $6.99: The vegetarian, the basic batch (you probably should don Uggs and North Face when you order this), the Sriracha, the Mediterranean, and French toast. 96 oz. of Black Hand coffee is also available for $16.99. Sadly, I cannot consume 96 oz. of coffee (that’s more than three Starbucks Trentas!), and an option for a singular cup was not available, so we didn’t do that.

(There also is a delivery fee of $2 and a minimum charge depending on your location. We live in the $10 zone, but that's only two sandwiches - and you're gonna want two, even if you're alone.)

Since Sriracha never does you wrong, Sara got that sandwich. It comes with Sriracha cream cheese and jalapenos along with two fried eggs, bacon or sausage, and your choice of bread. Sara chose Texas toast and sausage. I ordered the Mediterranean because I’m trying to go to Greece soon. The sandwich comes with tomatoes and basil along with the two fried eggs, bacon or sausage, and choice of bread.

I applaud STAXrva for automatically putting two eggs on sandwiches. Most breakfast sandwich places I have visited default to one egg, which is like suggesting wearing only one sock. Eggs are the basis for breakfast. You need two.

For all sandwiches, bread choices are Texas toast, French toast, or bagel (everything or plain). When I originally ordered, STAXrva was out of bagels so I went with French toast because that sounded more adventurous. STAXrva then phoned me the morning of asking if I really wanted my Mediterranean on French toast.

Do I?

Me: “I’m guessing that’s not your recommendation. Tomatoes and basil on French toast, that doesn’t sound good to you?”

STAXrva: “I mean, we have bagels, which might taste better.”

I took their advice.

STAXrva texted me when they were on their way. I need to take this time to also praise their grammar skills because the text read, “Hey, Cazey! Your sandwich will be there in about 10 minutes. Love, STAXrva.” Does everyone see the comma after “Hey”? Guess what, that comma is correct and everyone else freaking neglects to put commas there, and everyone else is wrong. STAXrva got mad points in my book from this.

Getting my food also reinforced my decision to have breakfast delivered. Me to the deliveryman: “It’s a bit chilly out here.”

Sriracha on Texas toast.

Sriracha on Texas toast.

STAXrva did not disappoint. Sara and I scarfed our sandwiches in about five minutes. Sara said she would order from STAXrva again, especially if she's hungover. Not that she is ever hungover... And I think the sandwiches are very decent for their price point. They’re hearty (those two eggs!) and exactly what I would expect when ordering a breakfast sandwich.

We decided the Sriracha was the better of the two sandwiches. The Sriracha cream cheese stayed on your tongue (in the best way possible) even after you finished. But I would definitely order my Mediterranean again (do the everything bagel!).

The Mediterranean on an everything bagel.

The Mediterranean on an everything bagel.

Keep STAXrva in mind when deciding where to brunch in the future, especially for those weekends when brunching in bed seems like the best life decision you could be making.