Running on Fuel100 Electro-Bites

For the last several months, I’ve been training for the Richmond marathon, which I ran this past weekend. Because of this, I’ve tried out some running gear and workout supplements. The gear I tried out was the c2 leggings and pullover, which you can find here, and this week I’m reviewing Fuel100’s Electro-Bites.

Fuel100 sent me five packets of Electro-Bites to try: Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice (!!), Salty Vanilla, Simply Salty, and Salty Vinegar. I haven’t tried them all, but that’s probably because Salty Vinegar has me gagging at the thought. But Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon had me excited to try.

By the time I got these in the mail, unfortunately, my training for the marathon was over. All I had left was the war itself: the actual marathon. So this past Saturday I put a packet in my pocket (Salty Vanilla) and offered the packets to my two other runner friends with the condition they tell me their thoughts on the Electro-Bites. Instead of getting one review today, you get three-in-one. Even McDonald’s doesn’t give out deals like that.

Normally I don’t pack supplements for working out, but marathons are a bit different. People are known for packing gels and Gatorade on their hip to get through the 26.2 miles. Admittedly, since this was the marathon, the organizers had water, gel, and junk food stops, so I wouldn’t be up a creek without a paddle, but I felt more comforted knowing I had some Electro-Bites in my pocket.

Electro-Bites were designed for endurance athletes, specifically ultra-running (so marathons), but have expanded to other sports. They’re a baked product, so they’re not sticky, and they’re also not overly sweet. In fact, they’re pretty salty, clocking in at 190mg of sodium per packet. But if you’re working out, that’s not a bad thing. Gatorade is 250mg of sodium per serving.

Otherwise, they contain all natural ingredients, including coconut oil and agave syrup.

You’re meant to rip the packet open, pour a few in your mouth, and have a swig of water. That is exactly what I did. At mile 11 in the marathon, I was figuratively dying. The first few miles had gone well, but by this point I was bored and staring at 14 more miles that felt a bit insurmountable (and absurd and why am I doing this?). I decided this was the opportunity to experience Electro-Bites’ magic.

Problem: You do need that water afterward.

I tore the packet open. Electro-Bites are little brown pellets, probably about 20-30 per package (sorry, I was running so I didn’t have time to count). I quickly realized running and pouring pellets into your hand is difficult (I lost a few in the first attempt), so then just poured them into my mouth like their website suggests. I was immediately impressed by the salty vanilla flavor. Honestly, the flavor “Salty Vanilla” is exactly what it is: very salty, but with a subtle vanilla lick.

I finished the bag. For as many as I ate and as small as the package looks, there were a lot. I think it took me a half mile to finish the packet. And they didn't leave my hands sticky, which can happen when sucking down a gel or Powerade splashes out of a cup on you.

Then I realized they’re really salty and I had not been stopping for water at water stops.

What was I thinking?

At mile 12, thankfully, I asked for two cups of water. I continued running. Slowly, I felt life creep back into me. I reached the half-marathon mark and knew I could do this. (But could I? Stay tuned for my next blog post to find out.) Thank you to Electro-Bites!

My runner friends had similar experiences. Kathleen had the Apple Cinnamon packet, and Jess had Simply Salty. (No one took the Salty Vinegar; can’t imagine why.) Kathleen accurately described them as tasting like Teddy Grahams – “Yes, you’re right!” I exclaimed – and mentioned how they quickly dissolve in your mouth and it’s easy to eat several at once.

Her only cons were they’re salty and “kinda looks like dog food.” Like I said, they’re salty. And I feel Kathleen on the dog food look, but that didn’t turn me off.

I’m looking forward to using the rest of my packs on my next long run (which might be in a few weeks after I recover from the marathon), but these are a good alternative and/or supplement to traditional workout drinks and gels. They have the sodium, 55mg potassium, and 46mg magnesium. You also can eat them when not working out: they’re a great (healthier) substitute for chips or crackers. I’ll probably snack on the Pumpkin Spice ones while watching “Westworld” this week on HBO (check that show out).

You can order your own Electro-Bites here:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Electro-Bites for free from Fuel100 in consideration for a review.