Hair is Hair: Healthy Hair Tips

A mirror picture I took in my new  Stitch Fix  cardigan. I don't really take mirror pictures, so sorry this one sucks. But look, hair!

A mirror picture I took in my new Stitch Fix cardigan. I don't really take mirror pictures, so sorry this one sucks. But look, hair!

This has been a blog post I have always refused to write, a blog post about the quality of my hair. I wrote one about my hair before, but focused on the color of my hair. It's been long contested, whether or not I'm blonde, a point that has actually only been further refined since that last hair-related post. To recap, I'm not a blonde because my hair does not grow in blonde. It grows in light brown and then bleaches from the sun. And it bothers me immensely because it's like calling someone gay who isn't. It's about identity.

But I digress; this post is about much more than hair color.

Anyway, I once went to a hairdresser and she told me I had wonderful hair. She then asked if she could keep it. It's something I've heard before (not the keeping my hair part, that part was weird). My hair is thin and straight. It's easy to mange and has natural color fluctuations, which is nice. It also grows really fast, can hold a curl and is generally healthy. It's lovely. Whatever.

I woke up one morning and decided to dye my hair. I went to Kroger, found a Revlon box on sale for $2, so I decided I might as well go for it. I studied all the color options and went with "brown" after careful consideration. It seemed safe.

I went home that night, shut myself up in the bathroom and dumped all the color into my hair. Apparently you're supposed to be a little more meticulous than that, but I legitimately just squirted it all over my head and let it set. My end result turned out pretty good as many people were shocked when they found out I did it at home with $2 dye.

A few people asked me, "Do you like it?" "Do you regret it?" "Were you worried when you saw it after you dyed it?"

My answer to all of it is, yes, I like it; no, I wasn't worried; and it never freaked me out. I know lots of people who do really care about their hair. They get it professionally done, talk about it all the time and cry if it doesn't come out right. Kudos to them for looking good and caring, but all I have to say is "hair is hair."

If the color sucked, I could dye it back. If I get a shitty cut, it grows back. If I hate the way it falls, I can straighten it. Plus, does it really matter what dead matter is doing or looking like? Hair is dead and serves no function. It's just hair. And honestly, most people don't notice if I straighten it or not, so realistically I probably don't even have to worry about that.

My public service announcement here is that why my hair looks so good and healthy is because I don't do anything to it. I let it grow, I let it air-dry most of the time. I don't over process it. I also don't cut it often, despite the wives' tale that you should get it done every 6-8 weeks.

Riddle me this, how does getting your hair trimmed (so that's the bottom of your hair) make the top any healthier? It doesn't make sense. I'm rather confident it's a sham hairdressers feed to you to get more haircuts.

However, I do think I have some basics down to help you keep your hair healthy and happy.

My Healthy Hair Tips

What does make your hair healthier is diet. Your hair looks healthy when you yourself are healthy. So eat right, work out, and spend less time frying and over-producting your hair and you'll notice it looks a lot better. If you do feel like you need to put something in your hair, we've found a recipe for a natural essential oil blend that should help your hair get and stay healthy and full. The natural part is key! 

Or you'll notice that you don't actually care that much because there are so many other ways to spend an hour than worrying over what your hair is doing.

Hair is just hair.