Brunch Review: Tarrant's West

Hi there! Leanne here!*

I'm guest-blogging for Sara and Cazey in the name of Cancer Research and the upcoming Richmond Brunch Weekend, which I’m super, super (SUPER) excited about!

Brunch is my thanggg, as I'm one of those people who 100% ascribes to that whole "mimosas made me do it" thing as a kickoff for Sunday Funday (Saturdays too, really). I’m also one of those people who considers most of life’s everyday events to be a grand adventure: “Let’s go on adventure to the grocery store!," “Let’s go on adventure to clean my car!," “Let’s go on an adventure to check my mail!” ...I wonder how many of my friends have wanted to kill me at one point or another?

Today’s brunch-day was no exception and, in fact, ended up being more along the lines of what might more generally be considered adventurous.

This morning I recruited my #1 wingman and the best 6'3 " little" brother a girl could ask for, for what was meant to be a simple 12:30 PM-post-church-brother-sister brunch at a local restaurant on our Richmond Brunch Weekend list. When I arrived, slightly later than the agreed upon time, my brother Ben had already ordered a pitcher of mimosas, but told me that brunch was not being served that day (stay tuned!). So, we did what any young professional people would do and downed the pitcher and set off for brunch food.

As an aside, I happen to be the worst navigator in the world, despite my affinity for travel both near and far, and along the misguided way, my poor (usually classy and responsible) brother was forced to pull off for a bathroom break in a ... remote location... Need I remind you, the original pitcher was his idea and because of that, I feel no guilt.

Soon after getting back on track, we happily arrived at Tarrant’s West, not to be mistaken with Tarrant’s Cafe Downtown, which Cazey wrote about recently. Tarrant’s West is intimidatingly nice, especially for two people who had quickly drank a combined 6 mimosas (in the name of Massey, of course) and hadn’t eaten in at least 18 hours as at this point it was almost 3 PM and closing in on the end of brunch being served.

We must have looked wide-eyed and desperate because after ordering more mimosas (assembly required - which I kind of loved), we were sweetly offered a refill of (amazing) complimentary cinnamon buns by our waitress, Melissa (bless you, Melissa!), and were even later forced to accept a complimentary serving of garlic bread by another waiter passing by (thank you, kind stranger! Though, you’re the first one I blame when I put on a bathing suit next week!).

After regaining strength from the carb-overload, Ben and I started speaking again (the first 20 minutes were pretty silent) and went through the menu, “yes, yum, yes, ohhh, hmm, ehhh, benedict, benedict, benedict.” We asked sweet Melissa for her suggestions and settled on splitting both a breakfast pizza and a crab cake benedict.

The service was fast and fun as servers stopped by to chat with us every few minutes, and Ben and I had hardly recapped the week’s events (/adventures) when these beautiful, much anticipated dishes were placed in front of us.

They did not disappoint, and again I must say, bless you, Melissa. I’m going to dream about that breakfast pizza...

On the way out, Melissa snuck us a to-go box of those coveted cinnamon buns and

our ride home was strung together with, "omg, I'm so full," "I'm never eating again," and "I wonder how they make these?" chitchat. I also had to thank Benjamin because I love brunch. And I'll admit one of my favorite things about it (after, like... mimosas) is that when I go with my brother, everyone automatically assumes we’re a couple and gives him the check.

...So thanks for brunch, Benjamin.  And for the adventure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap... #foodcoma #mimosasfordays

*Leanne's friends and family describe her as overly affectionate, hopelessly optimistic, a little naive, annoyingly happy, easily entertained, dangerously clumsy, and apparently "way too" nice. She spends her days working a career in marketing and advertising; her evenings happy-hour-ing, volunteering, and convincing strangers to be her friend; her weekends either pretending to be a grownup or to be 22 again; and her Sundays in church and with family. You can find her on Instagram as @LeanneTF.

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