Five Dresses I Wish I Wore to Prom Instead of What I Actually Wore

A few months ago, we had prom at work. For a week leading up to the big day, our People Services department created some buzz for the event by sending out throwbacks that coworkers had submitted. I did not submit any of my throwbacks for a variety of reasons - the most major reason being that I looked ridiculous both years for prom, and yet here I am sending them out into the inter-webs in the name of a blog post.

junior prom dress

For my junior year prom, I bought a blue dress with the focal point being that it had no back. I thought it was pretty scandalous (in a good way), loved the color and the price was right. On the day of prom, I got my hair done in big curls that created a bit of a curly mullet and completed the look with bright blue eyeshadow and more makeup on my face than all the makeup I'd ever worn in my entire life up until that moment.

Looking back on that dress, it was horrible. It wasn't particularly fitted, so my stomach looked extra flabby. There was no support in the front either, so my boobs sagged. I looked a mess.

senior prom dress

For my senior prom, I at least figured out how to put on makeup without looking like a drag queen and wore my hair in a curly side ponytail that was still a lot, but less ridiculous. The dress, however, could still be improved. I absolutely LOVED this dress when I picked it out. It was glittery and involved every pattern you could imagine, plus a thin outline of pink just in case it wasn't already enough. It was way too much, but so was I.

If I could do prom over again, the first place I would start is getting a better dress. My requirements would be: I would demand the dress to have better structure so that I didn't look like I was wearing a curtain. I'd also want to wear the color I've always wanted to wear: green. And I would want a more tasteful, classic design that I wouldn't look back on and laugh.

Here are 5 dresses from Aisle Style* that I wish I wore to prom instead:

5. Chic Halter Neck Beaded Pattern Bodice Long Chiffon Backless Prom Dress

My first selection is everything that I wanted my junior year dress to be: tastefully scandalous. It has an open-enough back that gives a bit of allure, but does so without compromising elegance and the structure of the dress. The beading on the top of the dress is fun, but without the pure chaos of my senior year dress. Bonus points: this dress comes in almost every color you might imagine, including my coveted green.

4. Sexy High Split Jewel Neck Crystal Beaded Long Sheath Chiffon Prom Dress

This dress is an incredible prom dress. I love it in the black option for a multitude of reasons, the first being black is one of my favorite colors. The way the green gems pop off the black color also gives it a dramatic look while still being tasteful. As an added bonus, this dress wouldn't require many other accessories with the gem finish taking the place of a necklace. Plus, the high slit gives a seductive twist on the classic black dress.

3. Illusion Bateau Neck Short Sequin Beaded Prom Dress

I am always envious of people that buy short prom dresses. I think they're a daring choice and let you show off a bit of leg and your heels. What I like most about the Illusion Bateau is the beaded top. Without going overboard, this dress is fun and playful, but still beautiful. Surprisingly, I think I would want this in the champagne color, because then you can add a pop with a bright heel. This dress is a total show stopper.

2. Strapless Sweetheart Lace Appliques Bodice Long A-line Tulle Prom Dress

I've never been the girl that demands to be treated like a princess. But I do wish I went straight princess for prom. If not for prom, when else can you really be a princess in this democratic nation where there's no chance to be a monarch? Without a doubt, I would have been a princess in this sweetheart cut dress, complete with precious flower detail. While Frozen wasn't around when I went to prom, the cloud blue option looks like something Elsa would wear, and she is kind of a big deal in the princess world these days.

1. Sexy Sheath Scoop Sleeveless Beading Floor-length Long Jersey Prom Dress

When I first starting scrolling through all the potential dresses for my ideal prom do-over, this dress was the first that caught my eye. I was first enthralled by the deep green color (not surprising), but then I was absolutely enamored with the fine beading on the top. The dress is a flattering cut, giving enough shape to be supportive, but also letting the body speak for itself. Plus, the slit is tantalizing without showing off the goodies. With just some simple gold hoops and either gold or nude heels, this dress really does all the work for you. Without a doubt, this is THE prom dress I want. 

My advice on selecting prom dresses is this:

You'll always regret not getting the dress of your dreams.

*This post was sponsored by Aisle Style.