As Told Over Sine Brunch

My favorite part of brunch at Sine might be the walk in. We specifically picked Sine for two reasons:

  1. Walker could come and
  2. It is close to Blue Bee Cidery, which was our second destination.
Me and my buddy Walker.

Me and my buddy Walker.

#1 is the root of my favorite part of brunch: Walker. Walker is my sister's dog. He's great. He's friendly, well-trained and has the most expressive face I've ever seen on a dog. He's really awesome. So anyway, we get out of my sister's car, and she senses that Walker needs to go to the bathroom.

Problem is, we're in downtown Richmond. There's no grass. Louanne's on the hunt for grass for Walker to no avail. I turn to see him peeing on the sidewalk.

Sometimes ya just gotta let it flow.

Louanne's mortified, which makes it even funnier to me (I'm always the hot mess and she's always put together, except for that one time she locked herself out of her new home). She pulls him into the middle of the road, where he then proceeds to poop. He pooed in the middle of the road near Sine. I was howling with laugher, as my sister was slowly dying. We then go throw out the poop at the hotel, and Walker gets a treat. The irony.

Anyway, we make it to Sine and their patio is empty. I mean seriously, the only person there is the friend we were meeting. We sit down and the waitress promptly comes over to get our order. I go with the dollar mimosa,  because how could you not when it's a dollar. My sister goes with the trifecta: a mimosa, coffee and water. Caroline also grabs a mimosa. Walker gets water. More ammo, should he need to water the sidewalk again.

I quickly decide I want corned beef hash, as does my sister. Caroline orders a crab cake bennie. Perhaps there were more people inside, but from the speed of service you wouldn't have known. We get served quickly. 

Sine's food is what you'd expect. It's pretty good, but when I rave about brunch places, I'm not thinking of Sine. Their patio is wonderful, the dollar mimosa (or you can get it with cranberry juice, which is a poinsettia) and the food is good. However, the waitress filled us in on a little secret: they were taking corned beef hash off the menu. Ummm, excuse me?

When I think of Irish fare, I think of corned beef hash. That's to me a given. And rumor has it, corned beef hash was one of their most popular items. Perhaps Sine doesn't like making money? I haven't been back since this weekend, which was now a few months ago, so I can't confirm or deny the menu change, but for an Irish pub to not have corned beef hash, I'd be shocked if they didn't take flak for that. However, it's not currently listed online, which might corroborate this change.

Next week, I'm sharing my thoughts from another Irish pub, Fado. So stay tuned for another meat and potatoes review!

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