As Told Over Stella's Brunch

Last Friday night, we were busy trying to convince ourselves that we wanted to go out when my former roommate's parents called to tell her they'd come to visit the next day. I immediately tried to invite myself to lunch since I love parent time with virtually everyone's parents.

The next morning, I head to Liz's house to meet for lunch, where I quickly find out we're actually doing brunch... at Stella's. My first response is, 

"Stella's does brunch!?"

Excitingly, Stella's does in fact do brunch. I quickly pull up their menu to find out what we have in store for me. I quickly narrow it down to one of the skillets, the Lafayette, or the lamb egg's Benedict. Once we actually got to Stella's, I decided that I needed to get the Lafayette because it seemed the most ethnic. The dish is two poached eggs, sausage and cheese in phyllo dough. Sounds very intriguing.

Before ordering my main, we order a round of drinks. I go with the frappe, because I need coffee and this sounds like a treat. When the coffee comes out, I was surprised at how bitter it could still be despite having cream and sugar already in it. Once my taste buds adjusted, I really quite started to like it.

While we waited for our mains, we enjoyed an appetizer of tiropita and hummus. I was quickly getting excited, as every main that came out looked amazing. The presentation of the Lafayette did not disappoint. The taste was also good, but I did not enjoy the sun dried hollandaise sauce as much as I had hoped. The sauce, in combination with the cheese and yolk, made the whole dish rather creamy and runny.

Lafayette at Stella's brunch

Other dishes from around the table looked amazing. I tried a bite of the Greek toast (their take on French toast), and it was stellar. To my left there was a gyro, to my right was a burger, across the table there was a crab cake Benedict. 

My general feedback would be that Stella's brunch is good, but I much prefer their dinner options. However, a lot of their appetizers can be ordered at brunch, which could be the way to go.

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