Brunch Review: Black Sheep

My ex- roommate's boyfriend shares the passion for brunch, so on Easter Sunday when none of us were hanging out with family, he suggested we brunch at Black Sheep. I immediately said yes, as it's been on my brunch bucket list for awhile now.

They don't take reservations, but we had called ahead to see if there was a long wait. We were the first in line, and waited no more than 15 minutes before being sat at the back of the restaurant. It's a small place, with adorable wall decorations and mis-matched coffee mugs.

I wanted about half the menu, plus some of the battleships (which are their famous sandwiches that are not just subs, but battleships due to their huge size and expertly matched ingredients). My roommate surprised me by not picking the crab dish, and decided to go with the breakfast sandwich. My friend then ordered based off of which was the biggest serving.

That left my roommate's boyfriend and me to order. We decided that getting one thing wasn't enough, so we picked two dishes to split.

I was immediately drawn to the lamb sausage frittata (because lamb), so we agreed to that dish. Then we went back and forth a bit and decided on the creole shrimp Benedict. I chugged coffee as we waited, and got excitedly hungry with each passing moment.

Our first dish came out, which ended up being the lamb sausage frittata. There was a bit of a miscommunication, which is how we ended up with two courses instead of two plates at the same time. Not to fret, she put in our second order and we were rolling again.

The standout of the lamb dish to me was the sauce. I'm a big believer in sauce. It either makes or breaks your dish. I'm also a firm believer in a lot of sauce, so I was happy when the ratio of sauce to food was proportional. Course one was good.

But course two, that's where Black Sheep shined. Course two was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. Back to my love of sauce, this sauce puts all other sauces to shame. It's a moist plate of food that makes your taste buds think it's Mardi Gras.

We were so content with brunch at Black Sheep, that we decided we'd come back for dinner that night.

I'm not joking, we went back for dinner that night for battleships.

This isn't a dinner review, but let me just say, those sandwiches could feed a battleship of people and make them very happy doing so.

black sheep battleship