Brunch Review: New York Deli

We started 2016 where pretty much where we ended 2015, at New York Deli. I had a friend in town that we took there for dinner only to return for brunch the next day. She might think New York Deli is the only restaurant in Richmond, but I'm okay with that.

New York Deli is a great place to brunch because they do breakfast everyday. Plus, their menu is baller, however questionably not up-to-date because what I ordered does not appear to be included. New York Deli was a dream come true for New Year's Day, as it's a nice walk away to clear the sleepies out of my eyes, but not long enough that my slightly hungover self can't make it. Plus, my resolution this year is to questionably eat better, but it's not competition time yet so I'm in the clear.

I was sold the moment my eyes met the description "waffles with jalapenos." Sold. Sold. Sold. The menu item was chicken and waffles. It was drizzled with honey and a slightly spicy sauce. The juxtaposition between spice and sweet was downright poetic. As was the blissful coffee that our wonderful waiter, Milo, kept bringing to me. We had a rather large party, and he managed to keep up with me chugging water as well as satiating my caffeine needs.

Around the table, there were omelets, eggs, pancakes, bacon and corned beef hash. I have no idea if anyone liked what they got because I was too busy practically licking my plate clean. And I lied; I know everyone finished their plates of food because theirs was glorious, too.

I got to try a bite of the corned beef hash, and I was wildly impressed. My dad used to make the canned corned beef hash and I thought he was a magical chef. Basically, it had the consistency of dog food and we'd lather it in ketchup. That was the bar it had to meet for me to find it good. Apparently I have low standards because this far, far exceeded it. The meat was insane. And they gave a very hearty portion. (This is opposed to the bagel and lox Cazey ordered previously, which was also on their brunch menu. It should have been called bagel and cream cheese with a teasing of lox. He'll stop complaining now.)

While the name "New York Deli" confuses me because it reminds me nothing of a true New York deli, I love their food. Whether you're going for dinner or lunch, they've got a ton of carb-a-licious options.