Running on Fuel100 Electro-Bites

For the last several months, I’ve been training for the Richmond marathon, which I ran this past weekend. Because of this, I’ve tried out some running gear and workout supplements. The gear I tried out was the c2 leggings and pullover, which you can find here, and this week I’m reviewing Fuel100’s Electro-Bites.

Fuel100 sent me five packets of Electro-Bites to try: Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice (!!), Salty Vanilla, Simply Salty, and Salty Vinegar. I haven’t tried them all, but that’s probably because Salty Vinegar has me gagging at the thought. But Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon had me excited to try.

By the time I got these in the mail, unfortunately, my training for the marathon was over. All I had left was the war itself: the actual marathon. So this past Saturday I put a packet in my pocket (Salty Vanilla) and offered the packets to my two other runner friends with the condition they tell me their thoughts on the Electro-Bites. Instead of getting one review today, you get three-in-one. Even McDonald’s doesn’t give out deals like that.

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Stitch Fix: Taking the Personal out of Personal Stylist

But the last Stitch Fix I received was such a let down, which it can only be SUCH a let down because I am such an advocate. Things started off a little rough when they shipped my fix a day late, then proceeded to get worse when they mailed it to the wrong zip code.

It was an ominous sign for the impending delivery.

I came home to the box waiting by my door, and I excitedly ripped open the box, slightly nervous as the box was rather light and I had requested shoes. When I get the box open, my heart sinks immediately.

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The Solution to My Overly Frugal Fashion Problems

I won $100 at work, but they couldn't hand me cash for tax purposes, so I got a $50 gift card to H&M and a $50 to Target. That way, I would force myself into buying clothes, but I could also be practical at Target. I legitimately laid in bed one day on the Target website and brainstormed what I'd like to buy. I decided on tampons, a hamper and mouthwash. Let's just breeze over the fact that it took me hours of thinking to decide on those three items and move on to an even bigger problem.

I had $50 to H&M. That gift card was almost guaranteed to spend itself. Until it didn't. I picked out a bright pink top (trying to expand my colors in my wardrobe), a flowy summer top (it was on sale for $2) and a blue sweater that sat like a tent on my body but had tigers on it (because it had tigers on it, duh). It cost me $25 total. 

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Boots of the Season with Damsel District

To chat about our favorite boots for the fall season, I teamed up with Sarah Collie from District Damsel, a Washington, D.C.-based blog that has showcases how to dress like Vanity Fair on a twenty-something's budget.

Over-the-knee boots have been on every fashionista's Instagram this fall, most likely the gorgeous Stuart Weitzman Highlander boot, which boast an $800.00 price tag. Considering that's close to my monthly rent, they were not even an option for my budget, but I found an amazing lookalike pair for a fraction of the price.

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Five Dresses I Wish I Wore to Prom Instead of What I Actually Wore

A few months ago, we had prom at work. For a week leading up to the big day, our People Services department created some buzz for the event by sending out throwbacks that coworkers had submitted. I did not submit any of my throwbacks for a variety of reasons. The most major reason being that I looked ridiculous both years for prom, and yet here I am sending them out into the inter-webs in the name of a blog post.

Here are 5 dresses from Aisle Style that I wish I wore to prom instead.

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