Cazey Made Me Take a Personality Test and Now My Life Makes Sense

As you've probably been able to tell at this point in our blogging careers (can we use the word careers if we're doing this out of passion and not getting paid for it?), Cazey was a busy guy in college. He eventually became a leader in several organizations on campus, and one encouraged him to take personality tests. He talks about these tests frequently, but I blew him off for years.

ENFP personality

I couldn't decipher the difference between personality tests and horoscopes. Both could be right by simply stating enough general traits that at least some will apply to you. I've read my horoscope before, and I barely think I'm making up that my daily horoscope once was, "Some days are better than others." Thanks for that deep insight, I feel like I know myself better now. So why bother taking a useless personality test to get the same general results?

I don't know how this became a roommate requirement, but Cazey sent me some links and told me to take the tests. So I did. And here's what I learned.

Come to find out, unlike horoscopes, personality tests are based in at least some science.

And even better yet, I feel like Myers-Briggs is my soulmate. I feel like that single test knows me better than any human has ever before. I mean, really, really spot on. Scary accurate even. So now I'd like to introduce all the re-affirming traits about myself I learned from my test.

Hi, I'm Sara and I'm an ENFP.

In my own words, basically ENFP's are the best (the test results didn't quite say those exact words, but they probably meant to and just forgot). We're passion-driven, independent people who also care for others. We believe in ideas and change and pursue them with energy and enthusiasm. We like to communicate and are always curious about the world around us. We're total rock stars in a circle of friends (also hyperbolizing that last one).

I can really affirm each of these characteristics, as I've basically lived up to each of them without knowing them. For example, I've literally explained myself in interviews as a passionate person, who can set their eyes on something and dive into the idea headfirst if my heart is in it. I have intrinsically known that passion rules my other judgement calls because my intuition is strong.

Once in a meeting, I was HYPED because a small step had been achieved in making a goal complete. I was visibly excited, explaining the success to a manager, and all I got back was a stale, "That's good to hear." My heart tumbled with the lack of energy and enthusiasm behind the supportive words. I did what any good ENFP would do and asked, "Is there something wrong, or was this not the step we were hoping for?"

And I will never forget the response. He told me that when you work long enough, you realize that all the small steps to success don't really excite people anymore. It's sort of like that time I cornered my sister and forced her to tell me about the legitimacy of Santa. All the air sucks out of a dream when the reality doesn't seem to live up to it. But luckily, as a ENFP, I'll always maintain my enthusiasm for driving toward the success of my passion. Life will always excite me.

Then I found a Thought Catalog article about ENFP's, and the writer is clearly my spirit animal. All are accurate, but #3 (needing a time to process my life is the exact reason I began to blog), #6 (never settling), #8 (whoops, your bad if you mistake kindness for flirting. Trust me, you'd know), #16 (I'm actually smart, but being upbeat negates that to some people) and #22+24 (give me space, but not THAT much) are like my words coming out of someone else's mouth.

By the point where I've read through my full descriptor and have come up with countless ways in which everything I have done in my life validates my personality test (I mean for God's sake it says I am a communicator and that's what I studied in college), I texted Cazey ferociously about how scarily accurate the report is, and he confirmed what we've all been waiting for.

Cazey and I are soul-roommates.

He's a ENTJ, which means he's closed off, but my personality brings him out of that. In return, he gives me the intelligent discourse I crave from people. And it continues, if anyone wants further validation of our friendship. To be honest, I didn't read it too much because in my heart, I always knew Cazey and I were soul-roommates. Since I'm an ENFP, my intuition leads me to good choices. And he is the biffy. And we've spent six years as friends. And we already signed the lease, so we didn't have a choice anymore anyways.

If you'd like to take the test, it's free and quick and here for you. All I ask is if you take it, PLEASE share with us your results because this is fascinating to me. Is it as accurate for you as I found it to be?