The Breakup- I'm Done with Gold's Gym Willow Lawn

I've been an unwilling patron of the Gold's Gym at Willow Lawn for the past two year. I say unwilling because I got locked into a contract that made it nearly impossible for me to leave. Rather than paying a meager $9.99/month with no contract, plus 3 months free, like they have been advertising on a billboard right next to my house, I pay $29.99/ month with a two year contract and 0 months free.

Gold Gym's Review

That billboard is a daily reminder of my angst with Gold's Gym.

I pass it every day to get home.

My anger began when I started going to yoga (isn't it ironic) and they don't cap the classes. Nor do they have a door-lock policy where you have to show up on time or not be allowed in. So not only is the class passed what I would consider capacity, but they continue to let people cram in halfway through class. How can I focus on relaxing when I'm getting jostled during my sun salutations?

My anger then grew to a boil when I walked in for several weeks in a row to an overcrowded gym with fitness instructors "coaching" their customers while simultaneously using the very limited open machines. When you ask them to get off the machine, they stare at you like you're the one with issues. Why would they be working out with their clients instead of coaching them?

Plus, everything is always broken. Like -- all. the. time.

While it sounds like I couldn't wait for my membership to expire (which is accurate), I was considering staying with Gold's Gym because:

  1. The price point for the $9.99/ month with no contract is really affordable.
  2. The location of both the Fan and Willow Lawn locations are really convenient.
  3. My gym needs are not elaborate: I want some free weights, some treadmills and ellipticals and room to work my abs. That's about it.

However, trying to get out of my membership felt like I would need nothing short of an act of God. I asked multiple front desk people if I was going to get renewed (I wouldn't, they shut that off) or get charged extra (I wouldn't because I talked to them). My membership was over December 5, 2015. I confirmed three times starting in September. But then I had that feeling in my gut that it was wrong, which it was.

Turns out, as a semi-direct quote from a manager at Gold's Gym of Willow Lawn, "Our front desk staff are largely untrained and cannot actually do anything about your membership." So, as a manager, do you not see it fit to remedy the situation!? Perhaps coach your team members so they can earn a paycheck and help people?

I then talked to the only person who can actually help, and turns out there's all this paperwork and hoops to get through. She also works 10-2, which is useless for us with normal 9-5 business hours? How can I reasonably cancel my membership when the golden ticket person is only in four hours every day?

Rather than continue to pump my funds into the hellish nightmare that is Gold's Gym, I got my finances in order and walked away. But now where? Biggest Loser starts in a week so I've still got a week of bulking left, but no pressure or anything, I need a new gym in less than a week. Nothing like being one of those New Year's Resolution people wandering in for a membership at the beginning of January!