Brunch Review: Lamplighter Roasting Company

Sometimes I wonder how many times I’ve tweeted about coffee. It’s probably enough that Starbucks is considering hiring me as a brand ambassador. Except maybe not Starbucks, since I don’t have a lot of horribly nice things to say about their Flat White. But anyway, my veins are composed of the usual stuff, like blood, but probably also infused with either alcohol or coffee in a rotating pattern depending on day of the week and time of day.

There’s almost no point whatsoever talking to me before I drink coffee – just ask my roommate. Or my boss, who kicked off a Monday morning with, “Tell me what you learned last week at the training,” before my daily cup of joe. For that matter, before my bag was even shrugged off my shoulder. However, not the point.

I drink coffee every day. I’ve become one of those zombies that need coffee to make it happily through a day, which was the exact person I didn’t want to be in college. I would sit on my high horse, telling people that I depend solely on my own enthusiasm and energy, and not enslaved to caffeine. Well, here I am now looking for black market coffee IV’s.

This is all a really long lead-up to me reviewing Lamplighter Roasting Company in Richmond. It’s surprisingly close to my house, just across Boulevard in Scott’s Addition. Considering it’s within a short walking distance, you’d think I’d go there often. I don’t. In fact, I’ve only been once. And I can’t tell you why my count is so low.

I took this pictures seconds after my roommate goes, "I can't be that basic girl taking a picture of her coffee." Thank GOD I ordered chai, so I'm not THAT basic bitch taking a picture of her coffee.

 If heaven smells like Lamplighter, I may try harder to get in. Anyway, the most ironic part about going to Lamplighter for coffee is that as soon as I got there and smelled how delicious the coffee was, I went straight to the register and ordered myself a Chai Latte. Wut.

Despite my highly sporadic order, #noragrets. They offered to sweeten it for me, but I very much enjoy drinks sans sweetener. The froth was ideal, yet not excessive. Considering I am a diehard coffee girl, I very much enjoyed their chai. It was a subtle spice, perhaps because of how much milk was in it, but still satisfying. 

Since a review about chai from the perspective of a coffee girl shouldn't really continue on too long, Cazey offers his thoughts on the time he went to Lamplighter. The sad part about this review is Cazey and I weren’t even together when we both tried out Lamplighter.

I got a coffee and bagel and lox...
— Cazey

...Imma let you finish, Cazey, but like dang dude, do you ever NOT order bagel and lox? I mean, you’re developing quite a niche. However, considering the fact he’s probably had one in every restaurant he’s gone to for brunch, it helps validate his next statement, “They need more lox.”

Cazey also got a coffee, which he explained as bitter. What's more surprising, though, is he is not the only one who offered that same exact review. As I am typing, my new roommate said, "They were right next to where I used to work, and their coffee was super bitter. So much for convenience!"

Cazey did point out that it was only $7 for the bagel and lox, which is cheaper than elsewhere. And there’s vegan options! And the coffee prices were standard with what you'd expect, but a lot better than if you were to go to a chain.

My recommendation here in fairly introspective, as I’d like to try Lamplighter again. But if you do go (probably not based off of this review), please let me know what you think!