Stitch Fix Now has Shoes!

I don't open most emails that come to my inbox, as I give away my email all the time to try to win myself trips (which I have yet to win), so I am really a detriment to most company's open rates. One company that I do value greatly and open almost (if not all) emails they've ever sent me is Stitch Fix, the company that sends you five pieces of clothes for $20, and then if you keep any of them, you get that $20 toward the purchase.

Stitch Fix dress

You might recall this hot purple dress I was sent on the first time I did Stitch Fix, which I got for Thanksgiving. I wore it again to Cazey's 007 ball and took this stellar picture of me with a person's dog who I did not know despite pregaming at his house and following around his dog who I decided I liked best at that house that night.

I got Stitch Fix again two months after that purple dress fix, and my only request was a nice pair of shoes. I was a bit upset to find out that they didn't do shoes...yet.

I hate picking out shoes. My feet are a bit wide and I have the grace of a baby giraffe on ice skates when I try to walk in heels, so I usually only wear sandals or boots. Other shoes would be stellar. Perhaps I might even look sophisticated. 

But alas, Stitch Fix did not do shoes, and instead sent me an elegant red shirt that was a mix between party and classy, much like a mullet. Like a shirt mullet. I also got a black and blue cardigan that's tribal print and long and flowy in the front. Bonus points because it felt like it was sewn out of angel hair. Or another item that is wildly soft.

Stitch Fix Scarf

But it was the combination of the remaining three items that really had me like that emoji with two heart eyes. Put together, it is the ideal winter outfit. The shirt is a soft long-sleeve striped shirt that is flattering and matches with virtually everything in my closet. Paired on top is a green vest, like one that my mom tried buying me for Christmas that I didn't know I even wanted until I got one from Stitch Fix. And like a cherry on top, I got a soft, warm scarf with just hints of sparkle in it.

For those 5 pieces, it was a steal at $150, which was also aided by the referral program where you get $25 if someone signs up through your link (here's mine if you want in). While I'm not usually big on trying to convince people to do things, I 100% believe in Stitch Fix and honestly want people to feel the sense of Christmas morning joy that comes in a box of Stitch Fix. There's not a lot of brands I advocate for, but Stitch Fix is really one of them. I just wish they had shoes since those are such a tough purchase for me consistently.

But then my prayers were heard, and Stitch Fix added shoes!

And now that they've got shoes in their program, there's pretty much nothing else this brand can do for me except keep sending me boxes and boxes of fine-ass clothes! I've got another one coming March 31, and I feel like I need an advent calendar to count down for it. I'm fixin' for that fix already!

So if you've been waiting for the perfect moment to try Stitch Fix, now would be the time because they now have the capacity to literally dress you head to toe!