Taylor Swift is a Brat

There, I said it. And I'll say it again -- Taylor Swift is a brat.

As I am sure all fans are aware (and probably even those of you that aren't), Taylor Swift didn't want to her new album, 1989, to be allowed to be streamed on Spotify.

Fine. I get it. You're poor and need more than the fraction of a cent you make every time someone streams any song from the album.

Oh wait, you're actually a millionaire.

But don't get me wrong, I do actually get it. You're an artist and know your worth, but really? Measure your self-worth in ways that are more meaningful than money. Like the unified love of sharing good music with your fans. Or to be the voice behind a message that resonates with people that need someone to articulate their feelings. Make something that will last forever. But don't make make it about how much you make off of it. Isn't it more important to make something of value for people, and give them the opportunity to be forever effected by it?

I also get that she is going to hit platinum the old school way, but think of how she could blow it out of the water with people streaming it. For those real Swifty fans, they'd buy the album anyways without needing to be convinced. But for passive fans like me, I am absolutely not going to go buy an album based off of the sheer fact it's Taylor Swift (especially with a single as obnoxious as "Shake it Off"). However, after hearing a few songs off the album -- which let me mention that I was easily able to stream on a multitude of other websites outside of Spotify -- I am more interested in the album.

However, I never would have come to that conclusion had I not previewed the album. That's one reason for having it on Spotify. But nah, don't worry, you do you Taylor and don't put it on Spotify. (note: despite the sarcastic tone, I actually do respect her for making her own, mature, informed decisions)

Oh but wait, there she goes pulling the plug on literally all of her music on Spotify. And that's why she's a brat. Whether it was her decision or her label's, that's some real petty shit. Okay, save your new release for a few months so you can make all the money off your dedicated fans, and then give your laggard fans the option to hear it without having to buy. I'll accept that, but when you go so far as to pull some really old shit you have up on there just to send a caddy message, I draw the line. You know that having those up there, years later, is not effecting your sales in any way. You're doing this out of spite. That's not just going after Spotify, that's hurting your audience base just as much as it is a blow to Spotify, if not more so. Just childish.

Not only won't I buy the album, I won't support you. Go back to country you little priss and bring the drama with you.