Christmas in April

Once upon a time in undergrad, I had a roommate who was very particular about her belongings. I won't elaborate on the details other than to say that one time I chipped the lid of a pot from a 12-piece, $40 set, and I never heard the end of it.

The roommate and I decided to part ways come the end of our lease. However, we still had three months left to live together.

A cool night in late April, I took the recycling out and went to grab a new bag. We kept the bags - the paper bags from the grocery store - underneath a heavy box on the pantry shelf. I pulled a bag out and was opening it when I heard a BAM!

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The Tacky Light Fun Run Conundrum

Last week my running friend, Ally, told me about the “Tacky Light Fun Run” that she discovered on Facebook. The local running store in Carytown would be coordinating a run through Richmond to see holiday lights in the Fan, Oregon Hill, and downtown. Ally asked if I wanted to go and suggested that we dress up. I thought it would be fun and clicked attending on Facebook alongside Ally.

The day of the run, the event hosts posted the route and wrote, "Hope to see you at 6 PM! Dress up :)" I didn’t have anything festive to wear other than electric blue tights so I hurried to the Dollar Tree in the afternoon and bought green tinsel, an elf hat, a bell ornament, glow-in-the-dark sticks, and a big red bow to decorate myself. 


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