The Bridge Opening

While in Miami recently, my friend and I went to dinner at this Peruvian restaurant where we learned about Miami time aka no one is on a schedule except me. (I would say this might have been Peruvian time, but this continued to happen everywhere I went in Miami.)

By the time we left the restaurant (by the way, I recommend Peruvian food), it was close to 11, so I offered to walk my friend back to her hotel. 

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Me, Myself, and Miami

Recently, I had the chance to go to Miami for a conference. Obviously I jumped at this since I had never been to Miami before, and I hardly blinked when I learned I would effectively be alone. I had always wanted to travel by myself, and two days to explore Miami excited me.

I hit up a couple of friends who knew something about Miami and told myself I would read up more before I took off. Of course that didn't happen. I arrived in Miami with the two item bucket list of seeing Wynwood and South Beach.

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