Why You Should Brunch This Weekend

Do you really need a reason to brunch? We mean, maybe you need a bit of coffee to get out of bed, but once you're at brunch, do you really have any regrets?

But okay. We'll give you some reasons.

It's spring.

You don't have to do anything. (At least until after brunch.)

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Brunch Review: Tarrant’s Café

I have never brunched so much in my life as I have in the last month. In the lead-up to Richmond Brunch Weekend, we have tried brunching at each of the 23 participating restaurant locations, or at least the ones we haven’t been to yet. Which is quite a feat considering how many restaurants that left us, whether we would be in town to brunch (brunching out of town doesn’t count), and finding friends to accompany us. Brunch is a group activity after all. Oh, and also money. Brunch is not cheap, people.

Brunching off of a list also has me being inflexible when it comes to brunching. A friend says we should get brunch, and I give them choice A or B: where would you like to go today?

Last Saturday I presented my friend Alyssa with option A.) Tarrant’s Café or B.) the Betty on Davis. But B.) doesn’t serve brunch on Saturdays (a tragedy that is all too common these days), so that brought us back to Tarrant’s.

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Brunch Review: The Savory Grain

Two Saturdays ago, my friend and I set out to brunch at a certain place only to find Google was totally wrong and they only serve brunch on Sundays. Uh. That seemed very day-ist to us.

Thankfully, the next stop on our bucket list of restaurants to “conquer” for Richmond Brunch Weekend was The Savory Grain, and they brunch both days of the weekend as everyone should. My friend and I even called to double check this fact.

I wanted to sit outside when we arrived, but my friend pointed at the sky. Sure enough, as soon as we were seated, we looked outside to see horizontal rain. It doesn’t sideways rain often, and it would have been unfortunate if we had been sipping mimosas in that.

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