The Streak: Snapchat Perseverance and Existential Questions

365 days.  52 weeks. 8,760 hours. 525,000 minutes - you get the point.

That’s how long Cazey and I have Snapchatted each other. The frequency of our Snaps has now reached a new milestone, this time in quantitative data.

‘The Streak,” as we call it, began on March 23, 2015. We have Snapchatted for over 365 consecutive days.  And while that number should strike awe into the hearts of every Smartphone user, let us wow you even more.

For the length of our streak, neither of us has lived within 100 miles of each other (though we actually find it harder to Snap when we are together, because can’t we just say aloud what we’re thinking instead of Snapping it? Alas, we still manage to Snap each other from opposite ends of the living room when together).

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