My Second Time with Miss Shirley

I spent a weekend in Annapolis a few weeks ago, and I went back to Miss Shirley's Cafe, which I've reviewed already. However, this experience was a bit different. I -- gasp -- actually have a few negative things to say for once in a brunch review. I take some of the blame in this though, as most of the problem stems from my dish selection.

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As Told Over Fado Brunch

I've been to Fado Irish Pub in Annapolis quite a bit, as it's a stone's throw away from my grandparent's apartment. I've done brunch, dinner, lunch and drink there, but this is the first time I've actually brunch-ed while doing As Told Over Brunch reviews. So here we go. 

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Brunch Review: Miss Shirley's Cafe

I've never really questioned where my fondness for brunch comes from, but I am now certain I know my answer. It's my grandparents. With a rivaling passion to my own weekend planning, my grandparents were determines to bring my sister and me to one of their favorite brunch spot in Annapolis: Miss Shirley's Cafe.

We walked the block (in a light rain) to Miss Shirley's and were greeted by a bunch of open tables. Apparently it gets rather busy, so we went around 8:00 AM. My first impression was that the host was friendly, the decorations were orange and the place was large.

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Brunch Review: Paul's Homewood Cafe

Our reservation for Sunday brunch was at Paul's Homewood Cafe, which as conveniently located .3 miles from my grandparents apartment. My first impression of Paul's was that it was a pretty small establishment, with an odd parking situation. We were right on time for our reservation, and got one of the two big tables in back. We were, after all, meeting a few of my grandparent's friends (how cute!). 

The waiter was patient with us as we swapped seats to ensure everyone's maximum enjoyment, and was friendly and joking with us all. He also used the phrase, "complimentary mimosas," which put a bit of extra sparkle in my eye for the entire meal.

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