Brunch Review: The Savory Grain

Two Saturdays ago, my friend and I set out to brunch at a certain place only to find Google was totally wrong and they only serve brunch on Sundays. Uh. That seemed very day-ist to us.

Thankfully, the next stop on our bucket list of restaurants to “conquer” for Richmond Brunch Weekend was The Savory Grain, and they brunch both days of the weekend as everyone should. My friend and I even called to double check this fact.

I wanted to sit outside when we arrived, but my friend pointed at the sky. Sure enough, as soon as we were seated, we looked outside to see horizontal rain. It doesn’t sideways rain often, and it would have been unfortunate if we had been sipping mimosas in that.

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Brunch Review: The Village Inn

The weekend after Christmas, I went shopping with my mom in Virginia Beach aka we returned everything my brother and I didn’t want that Santa gave me. First world problems, anyone?

Halfway through our returns, I realized we had three more stores to go and my blood sugar was about as low as Death Valley. I would have bought a protein bar, but then I realized my mom was with me, and why not go big?

Me: “Mom, do you want to get dinner?”

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Hot and Spicy Qrunch Crust Quiche

A couple of weeks ago I got asked to go on CBS 6's "Virginia This Morning" in honor of Hot and Spicy Food Day (which is tomorrow, so get your chili peppers!). I was asked to tasked with talking about how you can celebrate such an auspicious holiday and incorporate Qrunch Organics, which is a brand ATOB has worked with before. Part of this involved bringing homemade spicy foods to the studio.

If you caught the segment, I ended up making a spicy salad (regular salad topped with a Qrunch burger and chili powder-infused Italian dressing), some spicy nuts, and a Qrunch crust quiche.

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