Brunch Review: Continental Divide

When Continental Divide joined Richmond Brunch Weekend’s lineup, I had yet to be there, though I only live a mile away. I quickly looked up their menu, and besides craving brunch, their dinner menu looked like da bomb. Southwest Caesar salad? Thai chicken burrito? Yes, yes, yes.

So before I even went for brunch, I stopped by for dinner with a friend. Except my friend and I pushed back our meeting time by an hour because of some crazy thunderstorm, but I was starved, so I ate half a jar of peanuts by the time dinner actually arrived. So then I’m at Continental Divide, and the waiter asks what I want to order, and secretly I’m in my first trimester from those peanuts.

I asked for something lighter, even though I really wanted that Southwest Caesar salad, but I was imagining a plate of romaine sapped in heavy dressing, and the peanuts within me curdled. But my friend did get the Caesar salad. When the waiter put it down on the table, I wanted to crawl across the table and hold him back with a butter knife while I devoured it.

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Brunch Review: Back to The Camel

Sara brunched at The Camel this past December when The Camel first got involved in Richmond Brunch Weekend, but since then, they’ve updated their brunch menu, which called for another visit. I showed up a few Sundays ago with my old college roommate.

We decided to walk since it was a gorgeous (read: warm and sunny) Sunday afternoon. We went late, i.e. we started walking over at 1:40 PM. I figured it was a mile stroll. Just in case brunch stopped at 2 PM, I told my roommate we had to hustle. Inevitably, we showed up after 2 PM, but brunch was still going, praise be to the tater tots or whoever.

The Camel is also a music venue. This was technically my second time there, but the first time had been to see a high school classmate perform in a show at night. (We actually never stayed for the show because he didn’t perform until 10 PM on a Sunday, and grandpa me had to be up at 5:30 AM Monday. Sorry, we’re not all rockers here.)

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Brunch Review: 23rd and Main

I really only keep people around who offer their opinions up for stellar brunch places, and that’s how I ended up at 23rd and Main Saturday morning. My experience previously with 23rd and Main was showing up for my second Restaurant Week rendezvous, which was much better than the first Restaurant Week experience I had at La Grotta. That was the one and only time I’d ever been to 23rd and Main prior to today, and it was pretty delicious. I had a crab dip, steak and dessert, all paired with a deliciously dry red wine.

23rd and Main was surprisingly not busy for brunch when we arrived, and were able to sit down immediately. We got a perfect table in the middle of their courtyard, with just enough shade to keep me from sweating to death. Not only does 23rd and Main offer a specialty brunch menu, but also serves from their full menu and full bar for brunch. My decision was pretty easy: nothing sounds quite as fascinating as the Don Johnson, which is a tempura-fried burrito.

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