Calamity Jane Here...Again

So this past week I went to a conference up in DC. It was a whole day of digital breakout sessions, covering everything from content marketing to search engine optimization to UX design to analytics. Needless to say, I was stoked. The only part  I wasn't excited for was waking up at 5 AM to leave myself PLENTY of time to get there. I mean, I was leaving myself 3 full hours to make a 1 hour 45 minute trip. Should be good, right?


My logic was almost there. I was going to turn on Waze the moment I left the house, but what's the point? It's 5:30 in the morning and I know how to get myself pointed in the right direction to Washington without something barking at me so early in the morning. So, I'll just save it for later.


I hit traffic within about twenty minutes of leaving my house. And not just traffic, but deadlock. I didn't move. And then I didn't move some more. And then I turned on my GPS, only to see that I wasn't going to be moving for awhile longer. A slow death.

I saw the sun rise in that gridlock. I listened to my mixtape cd one full time in that gridlock (side note: I wish making people mixed tapes were still a thing, because I need more music in my car). I almost cried in that gridlock. But I held myself together.

Finally trickled out of the gridlock. They actually had us get off the highway because all three lanes were shut. And then there were no directions on where to go from there. Naturally, my GPS wasn't working, so I wanted to cry cried again. And then wanted to cried again when I went the wrong way.

But thankfully, I went in the opposite direction that I was supposed to, so I added on 20 more minutes onto my adventure, and finally hit the open road. Success?

Once I made it there, I couldn't get over how upset I was from all the traffic. Horrendous start to the day. But at least the trip back home would be better right?


It would get dark as soon as I leave, right? Check.

And rain a bit? Nope.

Rain a whole lot? That's more like it.

Fog? The cake needs icing, doesn't it? Yup.

Glorious day for travel all around. Claps. -_-