Over or Under

So Cazey discussed his commitment issues in his recent post, In defense of singledom, and it made me reflect on my own commitment style. Generalizing across life in general and not specific to relationships, my commitment issue isn't so much that I don't do it, but that I either way over-do it, or totally under-do it. On the side of over-commitment, I tend to get wicked excited about something and go waaaaay overboard. For example, for little work campaigns, someone may ask if we can support with a tweet or two. Next thing they know, I am committing to weeks of content just because I think it's awesome.

Or, I totally under-commit. I help out with a canned food drive that's a competition pinning all Virginia school alumni chapters against each other. We had a meeting and were discussing the date we'd like to do have it again next year. When we settled on a date, I had this slightly constricting feeling in my throat. What happens if a work commitment comes up that date? What happens if someone comes into town to visit and I'm already busy? What happens if I move out of Richmond? Now I've got this commitment that is just hanging over my head. Now I'm tied down to something that is a really good cause, only four-hours long and minimally difficult, but it feels like a bowling ball of commitment.

And this commitment style also carries over to my general reactions to things, often either way too casual or way too dramatic.

For example, there was a fire in a pot and I casually asked my roommate to grab the pot holders because there was a huge fire inside. She then grabbed the enflamed pot and carried it outside. As it's burning, I'm googling if baking soda or powder can put it out. Then I realize we have a fire extinguisher and we just put out the fire like it's typical. Total under-reaction.

But then there's a bug on the ground and I'm hiding in a different room in the hopes that he'll make an exit on his own time. Over-reaction.

Welcome Back!

Okay, so yes, I just welcomed myself back to my own blog. I'd love to say that I've spent these past 4-ish months discovering myself in a far away place or working hard after a crazy promotion or really anything exciting -- but nope, I just took a break for no real reason. If you scroll back a bit down the page, or click here, you may have already seen the writing on the wall. I could feel my creativity dying, which is actually a pretty terrifying feeling. One of my biggest self-proclaimed assets is my spark. Whether it's a tiny victory or a really big one, I can have a massive spark that ignites a whole project into action. And since I wasn't feeling that spark, I couldn't really keep going.

Now that I'm done tooting my own horn (beep-beeeeep), Id' like to give you a low down on my plan for this blog:

  • Much like most bloggers are supposed to do, I'm going to write.
  • I've already committed myself for at least 10 new posts, with an ongoing list of things that I want to write about.
  • To prove the above statement, here are 3 topics: wisdom teeth, Ebola and the Gold's Gym motto. Yup, going to be a ride.
  • I may even renew my domain name, but I've got a healthy amount of time to decide if I'm ready for another year-long commitment.
  • I'm going to diversify my topics. Since I'm not fresh out of college (eek, nobody likes you when you're 23, right?), I don't think its pertinent to focus on transition, as this is like my "real life" now, I guess.

So that's my commitment to this, so please stay tuned! I hope your thoughts aren't "Oh shit, I thought we got rid of her."