Brunch Review: The Village Inn

The weekend after Christmas, I went shopping with my mom in Virginia Beach aka we returned everything my brother and I didn’t want that Santa gave me. First world problems, anyone?

Halfway through our returns, I realized we had three more stores to go and my blood sugar was about as low as Death Valley. I would have bought a protein bar, but then I realized my mom was with me, and why not go big?

Me: “Mom, do you want to get dinner?”

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Brunch Review: City Diner

We used to live two blocks away from City Diner, which means we'd go anytime we were in a hurry, hungover or lazy. The restaurant itself is rather small, so if you go with a crew, be ready to divide and conquer. They get you in and out quickly, and you can tell you're surrounded by a lot of regulars. Bonus points, because they do have a very small alleyway, which is surprisingly nice to sit in during the summer months.

I've been to City Diner a multitude of times, and I've had generally positive experiences. Keep in mind you're at a diner, and you'll definitely be satisfied. My favorite meals are their omelets because they're cheap, delicious and come with a ton of sides. If you're looking for economical, the omelet is definitely where you want to look. My favorite is meat lovers, because meat, duh.

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