Painting with Ketchup

Paint Nites, if you don’t know, are events held at local restaurants and bars where a painter walks you through replicating some painting to the best of your ability while you sip on a cocktail. You sign up based on which painting you want to replicate. I recommend enrolling via Groupon vs. the actual Paint Nite site ($25 vs. $45, respectively).

I went to art school for a whole year in fifth grade. I don’t paint on any regular basis, but I do have creative bones in my body. There’s this one 3-D painting I created three years ago that I used to hang over my fireplace in my apartment until my mom visited and asked why I had it on display.

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Water...Is Not a Basic Right?

This weekend my friend and I went out. As is the millennial way, we pregamed. The goal is always to buy one drink if we have to buy a drink at all. I’m always comforted to find non-grad student friends that share this outlook.

However, I will ask for water when out. This is for both hangover prevention and I want to have something in my hand while I pretend that I know how to dance (hey, it’s one less limb I have to coordinate). I always tip for water, though, because I understand that’s what makes the bartender go round.

This weekend that did not work out so well.

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What 3 traits do you value most in people?

So a few weeks ago my sister came to visit, and I volunteered to make us dinner one night. We went grocery shopping, bought our supplies and an entire box of wine. Successful girl's night in the making, right? So I (well, let's be honest, it was probably more so her) cooked dinner, and then invited Cazey over. And then we drank.

Most people, when they drink, get drunk and dance, or cry, or bitch about relationships, or bitch about being single, or any combination of the above. But not Cazey and my sister. Nay, they debate politics, recite history, predict future economies, and engage in other deep philosophical discussions.

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