Hot and Spicy Qrunch Crust Quiche

A couple of weeks ago I got asked to go on CBS 6's "Virginia This Morning" in honor of Hot and Spicy Food Day (which is tomorrow, so get your chili peppers!). I was asked to tasked with talking about how you can celebrate such an auspicious holiday and incorporate Qrunch Organics, which is a brand ATOB has worked with before. Part of this involved bringing homemade spicy foods to the studio.

If you caught the segment, I ended up making a spicy salad (regular salad topped with a Qrunch burger and chili powder-infused Italian dressing), some spicy nuts, and a Qrunch crust quiche.

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Brunch Review: STAXrva

When we first heard about STAXrva this past week via a Richmond Times-Dispatch article, we had to get on this boat (or is it a bike since it's breakfast being delivered?). Breakfast delivered to your doorstep, is there anything more inspiring? The times we live in!

STAXrva is brought to you this fall by the great minds who also brought you Red Eye Cookie Co. Red Eye is known for nighttime delivery of warm, baked cookies and other treats you lie about at your Weight Watchers meetings. In a similar model, STAXrva will deliver breakfast sandwiches to your front door. I need to take a seat, I’m so excited.

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Brunch Review: Joe's Inn

My friend asked where we should go for brunch the Friday night before we inevitably went to Joe’s (did I give away the ending of this story too soon?), and I listed places I haven’t been to (since when you review the brunch scene, you really can’t revisit places). We then stalked the candidates’ menus and got stoked on the $8.25 Big Breakfast at Joe’s.

Nine hours later we rolled out of bed. Actually, my friend dressed and did her makeup. I rolled out of bed and put on flipfops. We then strolled to Joe’s like a college freshman going to D-Hall. (We weren’t hungover, I swear.)

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Brunch Review: Kim Cafe

A few weekends ago while visiting my parents in Virginia Beach, my dad asked if I wanted to go out for breakfast. Since I run a brunch-focused blog, I obviously said yes. He then asked if I wanted to go Denny’s or a local place called Kim Café.

Hmm. Let me think about that one.

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Brunch Review: The Hill Cafe

Last weekend, I was tasked with picking a brunch place for my (now) ex- roommate and myself, so like any good brunch review blogger, I just googled, "brunch in Richmond," and went from there. The first few, I had been to (like Helens), so I kept scrolling until I found one that seemed interesting. The Hill Cafe caught my attention, mainly because of a scenic picture it displayed. 

Once I clicked through to their menu, I was impressed by the options, and was also surprised to see that it didn't open until 11:30am. My roommate and I settled for it, since it had sandwiches (she likes sandwiches more than standard breakfast foods), was in Church Hill (a neighborhood we don't frequent) and was a place we'd never been.

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