Brunch Review: New York Deli

We started 2016 where pretty much where we ended 2015, at New York Deli. I had a friend in town that we took there for dinner, only to return for brunch the next day. She might think New York Deli is the only restaurant in Richmond, but I'm okay with that.

New York Deli is a great place to brunch because they do breakfast everyday. Plus, their menu is baller, however questionably not up to date because what I ordered does not appear to be included. New York Deli was a dream come true for New Year's Day, as it's a nice walk away to clear the sleepies out of my eyes but not long enough that my slightly hungover self can't make it. Plus, my resolution this year to questionably eat better, but it's not competition time yet so I'm in the clear.

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Brunch Review: Athena II Diner

I headed up to my hometown a few weeks ago for a nice Christmas break. On Saturday evening, I posed my ever popular question, "Where are we brunching tomorrow?"

My dad, knowing that I basically HAVE to brunch whenever possible did a bit of research in preparation for this question. According to some poll, you just have to brunch at Athena 2 and order the waffles. So we went to Athena 2 to see if it lives up to the hype.

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Brunch Review: Miss Shirley's Cafe

I've never really questioned where my fondness for brunch comes from, but I am now certain I know my answer. It's my grandparents. With a rivaling passion to my own weekend planning, my grandparents were determines to bring my sister and me to one of their favorite brunch spot in Annapolis: Miss Shirley's Cafe.

We walked the block (in a light rain) to Miss Shirley's and were greeted by a bunch of open tables. Apparently it gets rather busy, so we went around 8:00 AM. My first impression was that the host was friendly, the decorations were orange and the place was large.

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