A Taste of the UNOS Soiree 2017

October 6th is less than two weeks away! And why is that relevant? UNOS, the United Network for Organ Sharing, is hosting its 9th annual Soirée, which we will be attending. There's lots of reason to attend the Soirée, starting with the mission.

What is UNOS?

UNOS (pronounced you-nos and not uuu-nos, you know!) is the matchmaker between available organs and those who need them. A lot goes into the matching, taking into consideration time, geographical location, blood type, age and more.

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Why You Should Brunch This Weekend (Including Tonight)

If someone hasn't texted, Gchatted, emailed, or called you already asking what you're doing tonight, then they're going to soon. And we have an answer for you:

You're going to brunch tonight.

And you're going to brunch all weekend.

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