Hot and Spicy Qrunch Crust Quiche

A couple of weeks ago I got asked to go on CBS 6's "Virginia This Morning" in honor of Hot and Spicy Food Day (which is tomorrow, so get your chili peppers!). I was asked to tasked with talking about how you can celebrate such an auspicious holiday and incorporate Qrunch Organics, which is a brand ATOB has worked with before. Part of this involved bringing homemade spicy foods to the studio.

If you caught the segment, I ended up making a spicy salad (regular salad topped with a Qrunch burger and chili powder-infused Italian dressing), some spicy nuts, and a Qrunch crust quiche.

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The Pros and Cons of Dieting

We made it: I officially came in second in The Biggest Loser Challenge at my work. It’s been a really awesome three months, where I learned that I can actually lose weight, I can stay motivated and I can totally do it. However, dieting is hard and should be a life change that continues forever, not a three month long competition. But today’s not what about what lies ahead for me and my pact with myself to live a healthier life, but a reflection upon the clichéd “peaks and valleys” of dieting.

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Make Healthy Your Standard of Beauty [Sara's Post on Elite Daily]

From time to time, we all feel like we need to do something to make ourselves look beautiful. And sometimes, we take it too far, where it may be considered beautiful, but is also compromising our health.

Can we all join together and realize that what's good for our health should be the real standard of beauty? Read my latest post on Elite Daily with my sentiments on society's standards of beauty here:

If you like what you read, share the article with someone who you think is healthily beautiful.

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Sara's Second in the Biggest Loser

I probably could have not shouted out my status in the Biggest Loser in the title of this post, and built up to my second place status, but I haven't been this proud of myself in a long time. I have always made excuses about not losing weight, but with a bit of focus, I've been able to do really well with it this time. It started off pretty rocky.

It definitely took a few days to adjust to my new healthier, less food-driven lifestyle. I was hungry all the time and never felt like I was ever satisfied. But my body adjusted. I got used to less food. And you know what? It's crazy how little food you actually do need, once you adjust your body to less food. I'm about to list some tips for healthier eating, but by no means am I qualified to offer suggestions, other than the fact that I've lost a "stone" (which is what the British woman at work said to me, and I thought was so cool I texted several people about my lost stone). To us Americans, that means 14 pounds, which is about 7% of my bodyweight.

Yes, thats 7% less of me to love, but we can get through this together. Anyways, here's my list of diet suggestions:

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