The Quickest Way to Spend $100 Before 11am

By Louanne Woznicki**Guest post. Contact if you are interested in guest posting.

I recently moved into my own condo and with Pinterest-fueled inspiration decided to paint my bedroom. All was going smoothly until it was time to take out the blinds to finish painting around the windows. Fed up, I decided that could wait for another day.

After about a month in the new place it was past time to do battle with the blinds. A very helpful YouTube video and one black-and-blue fingernail later, all of the blinds were gone and I was ready to finish painting. The last remaining hiccup was my puppy. Paint and puppies don’t mix.

My puppy, Walker, is very good about his crate, though there is zero chance he will stay quiet if he knows that there is someone else in the apartment. With that as option one, and him scratching the closed bedroom door as option number two, I decided that I had to trick Walker into thinking he was the only one at home.

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