Brunch Review: Metro Bar and Grill

Enough was enough, and we decided that we can’t reside this close to Metro and not give their brunch a shot. So last week, Cazey ran the Monument 10K – through the cold and flurries – while I slept. After running over six miles, Cazey wanted some food. I woke up hungry and was semi-ready-to-go by the time Cazey got back. He quickly got ready, and we sent on our journey to Metro, both with empty stomachs, ready to be filled.

When we entered, it wasn’t terribly crowded. We grabbed the middle booth and were promptly given a dainty glass of water each and the menus. We quickly downed our water, and discussed what we wanted to get. I narrowed it down to the breakfast burrito, southern bennie or the chicken and waffles. I never made a decision, as I knew I wanted to let the waiter pick what would be best.

Cazey settled on the big breakfast, to which I promptly talked him out of, because reviews are lame if you order the most basic thing on the menu. With that gentle (or maybe it wasn’t gentle) nudge, he decided on the smoked salmon omelet.

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