Why You Should Brunch This Weekend

Do you really need a reason to brunch? We mean, maybe you need a bit of coffee to get out of bed, but once you're at brunch, do you really have any regrets?

But okay. We'll give you some reasons.

It's spring.

You don't have to do anything. (At least until after brunch.)

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Brunch Review: Deep Ellum

Last month I had the opportunity to go up to Boston to visit my friend Petrina who was previously mentioned on this blog as someone who doesn’t believe in free pizza. Petrina is not typically a planner, but for my visit, she set out to create an itinerary for our weekend together.

Knowing I run a brunch blog, she knew we had to get brunch upon my arrival Saturday morning, and I wasn’t going to object. She sent me three options. She described them as 1.) “$$ hipsters,” 2.) “$ (if you do brunch special) and yuppie socialities”, and 3.) “$$ normal young people.”

I Googled the options. Number two’s website had a broken URL for their menu, so that was out. And number three sounded boring. Normal young people? Who wants that?

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UPDATED Brunch Review: Social 52

You may remember from my brunch reviews of On the Rox and Pearl that I seem to really enjoy hearty meat meals for brunch (which is definitely accurate). So it’s no shocker that I ordered the hearty brisket bowl when I went to Social 52. It fell way short of my expectations.

I had a really hard time deciding what I was going to order at Social 52, and usually that’s because there are several dishes that I’d really like to try. This was just the opposite, as there was nothing on the menu that I really was dying to eat. It’s a pretty limited menu, with no obvious shining stars.

So I went with their brisket bowl because my roommate once got the brisket sandwich for dinner at Social, and it was hot and spicy. Almost too hot and spicy, which is a problem I usually enjoy. The brunch bowl is a total letdown, especially in comparison to the sandwich brethren I was mentally comparing it to. It was a big, unflavorful bowl of baby vomit grits and meat. I should also throw them a bone and share that I don’t usually love grits, so me not liking the grits that much isn’t surprising. The lackluster meat though, is really surprising. It hardly tasted like anything at all. Also, just a non-cherry on top, the menu online says you get a biscuit with this meal, and I certainly did not get a biscuit with this meal. I did not bring it up at the time, because there was no need for more subpar food at the table. I’m not blaming anyone in the case of the missing biscuit, our waitress was a waitress and did her job as you’d hope she would. It just didn’t exist on my plate ever.

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