My Second Time with Miss Shirley

I spent a weekend in Annapolis a few weeks ago, and I went back to Miss Shirley's Cafe, which I've reviewed already. However, this experience was a bit different. I -- gasp -- actually have a few negative things to say for once in a brunch review. I take some of the blame in this though, as most of the problem stems from my dish selection.

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Brunch Review: Miss Shirley's Cafe

I've never really questioned where my fondness for brunch comes from, but I am now certain I know my answer. It's my grandparents. With a rivaling passion to my own weekend planning, my grandparents were determines to bring my sister and me to one of their favorite brunch spot in Annapolis: Miss Shirley's Cafe.

We walked the block (in a light rain) to Miss Shirley's and were greeted by a bunch of open tables. Apparently it gets rather busy, so we went around 8:00 AM. My first impression was that the host was friendly, the decorations were orange and the place was large.

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