Cazey Made Me Take a Personality Test and Now My Life Makes Sense

As you've probably been able to tell at this point in our blogging careers (can we use the word careers if we're doing this out of passion and not getting paid for it?), Cazey was a busy guy in college. He eventually became a leader in several organizations on campus, and one encouraged him to take personality tests. He talks about these tests frequently, but I blew him off for years.

I couldn't decipher the difference between personality tests and horoscopes. Both could be right by simply stating enough general traits that at least some will apply to you. I've read my horoscope before, and I barely think I'm making up that my daily horoscope once was, "Some days are better than others." Thanks for that deep insight, I feel like I know myself better now. So why bother taking a useless personality test to get the same general results?

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What 3 traits do you value most in people?

So a few weeks ago my sister came to visit, and I volunteered to make us dinner one night. We went grocery shopping, bought our supplies and an entire box of wine. Successful girl's night in the making, right? So I (well, let's be honest, it was probably more so her) cooked dinner, and then invited Cazey over. And then we drank.

Most people, when they drink, get drunk and dance, or cry, or bitch about relationships, or bitch about being single, or any combination of the above. But not Cazey and my sister. Nay, they debate politics, recite history, predict future economies, and engage in other deep philosophical discussions.

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