As Told Over Brunch... Brunch

If you read this blog often or follow us on Instagram, you likely know that one of Cazey’s favorite brunch spots in Richmond was Star-Lite, so when we found out it was closing, we immediately made plans to go to their final brunch service to say our goodbyes.

You know what they say, though, when one door shuts, another door opens.

And that door happens to be to Brunch, the latest companion restaurant to Lunch | Supper.

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As Told Over Sine Brunch

Anyways, we make it to Sine and their patio is empty. I mean seriously, the only person there is the friend we were meeting. We sit down and the waitress promptly comes over to get our order. I go with the dollar mimosa,  because how could you not when it's a dollar. My sister goes with the trifecta: a mimosa, coffee and water. Caroline also grabs a mimosa. Walker gets water. More ammo, should he need to water the sidewalk again.

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Brunch Review: Black Sheep

My ex- roommate's boyfriend shares the passion for brunch, so on Easter Sunday when none of us were hanging out with family, he suggested we brunch at Black Sheep. I immediately said yes, as it's been on my brunch bucket list for awhile now.

They don't take reservations, but we had called ahead to see if there was a long wait. We were the first in line, and waited no more than 15 minutes before being sat at the back of the restaurant. It's a small place, with adorable wall decorations and mis-matched coffee mugs.

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