Brunch Review: Belle & James

For the last several months, I have walked by Belle & James almost everyday on my way to work/class/hell/whatever you want to call grad school. I've been meaning to drop in because I love the name, a reference to two intertwined Richmond landmarks - Belle Isle and the James River - and it just exudes a trendy vibe, which I can get down with.

Imagine my delight then when Jessica, Belle & James' brand manager, invited Sara and I in to try their brunch menu.

Me: Wait, they serve brunch?!

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Brunch Review: Gus'

My favorite buffalo chicken sandwich in Richmond comes from Gus'. And they have cheap beer, a ton of TV's and is half a block away from our house, so it was the most idyllic place to go to watch the World Cup final, or to just grab a quick, reasonably priced meal on a weeknight.

Gus', however, is not the place for brunch.

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