Fall in the Fan

Today, instead of dazzling you with my comedy routine (and then no one laughs because I'm not a comedian), I've decided to share with you all some pictures of fall in the Fan. Autumn, at least in my mind, has reached its pique and is on the decline as winter closes in. But today is fall's last hurrah, so we should reflect on (and be thankful for!) its beauty.

All of these photos are from the Fan, Richmond's residential district situated between Monument Avenue and Cary St. west of Belvidere. For more photos, check out my Instagram (that's not a promo, I promise).

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This land is my land

One thing I don't hide about myself is how much I love where I live, which is the beautiful River City of Richmond, Virginia. To pay homage to my new(ish) homeland, here are some of my favorite #RVA landscape pictures. All pictures are from my Instagram and shot using my trusty iPhone 5.