Things I miss about Connecticut's Fall

As we can probably all agree, autumn is a really awesome time. If we can't remember, here's why fall is so exciting. And while autumn is good in Virginia, my heart still longs for a few really Connecticut-ish fall-isms. Now onto the list, using more real words than the previous sentence (hopefully).

  • Fall breezes. Obviously Connecticut is colder than Richmond, and I miss the crisp fall breezes that the North has, which the South lacks. Sure, I can throw a scarf on now, but my neck will sweat, which is sure wouldn't be doing in Connecticut right now.
  • Lyman Orchards. While this is a really specific one, it was only the mecca of all things fall. Apples, apple cider, pumpkins, hay, hay mazes, ducks, leaves, the whole fall 9-yards.
  • Cold mornings. Okay, so not cold morning, but slightly colder mornings. Not to the point that your feet turn to popsicles when they touch the ground (yeah, mom, calling you out for the freezer our house became in the winter). But I miss that feeling of a bit of cool air on your face when you wake up, making your bed feel just a little bit better than normal.
  • Soccer. Okay, so this one doesn't really count. But when I was in Connecticut, fall was soccer season (well, soccer season was every season, but fall soccer season was the best). It's not that Richmond doesn't have soccer, because clearly it does, but fall always reminds me of my youth and kicking a ball around.
  • Falling leaves. Sure, some are falling here, but not as many as in Connecticut.
  • My family. Fine, they're not specific to autumn, but we're in that stretch where we're gearing up for the holidays, and there really aren't any good times to head up for a few days before then.

Where do you live? What's fall like in your area? Sound off in the comments below :)

Tis the season: Sweater Weather

As the roommates and I went for a brisk walk last night, we took in what would be the final walk of the summer. And while typically I'd feel upset about the end of summer, this year, I can't but only be a little sad to see the summer sun set. Because autumn is officially here. A time for jeans, plaid (is plaid still a thing, I hope so because I love it), boots, sweaters, scarves and hats. Well, not so much hats because I'm not a hat person, but I like the idea of being able to wear a hat.

I have a special place in my heart for New England falls, but last year's Richmond fall was equally wonderful. And with the plethora of fall-themed activities I have in mind, this autumn will be sure to top it all. Pumpkin flavored everything, carving pumpkins, picking pumpkins, taking pictures next to pumpkins, and thinking about pumpkins only comes second to apple picking, cider drinking and perfect fall weather walks. And changing leaves. And falling leaves. And the scent of fall. There's really nothing better.

Plus, the perfect fall weather means that you don't have to worry about your toes looking good all the time, a headband is an easy way to make your hair look presentable, and if you gain a few extra pounds, who cares? No one is seeing you in a bathing suit anymore.

So if none of that made any sense, I get it. I'm so excited for fall that it's almost impossible to prioritize which reasons are most important.

I hope you all share in my enthusiasm, dive your feet into your boots and enjoy the perfect temperate weather.

Nothin' like boot season.